"A pilot with no self-control is a dead pilot!"
―Pedro during Fleet Attack.

Pedro Glankert is a character in the Airforce Delta series who appears as a main character in Airforce Delta Strike.

Pedro is the 2nd Element 2nd position of Delta Squadron, and a devoted friend of Holst Prendre, his Element Leader.

He is the only member of Delta Squadron who cannot be played as. Instead, he flies the same plane as Holst.



Little is known about Pedro's life before the game's events. He joined the military at an unknown point, and, while just being a rookie, he was nearly shot down by enemies, but was saved by Holst Prendre who blocked the missiles with his jet, but injured himself in the process while bailing out. Afterwards, Pedro decided to join Delta Squadron with Holst and trained ferociously before doing so. Pedro mentions at one point in the game that he lost his family a long time ago.


Pedro is a tough, no-nonsense, assertive, and sometimes aggressive man who is fiercely loyal to Holst. He is always urging on Brian Douglas due to his lack of experience and reckless nature. This often leads to arguments between the two, which Holst is forced to stop.


Pedro is a tall, muscular man with red hair. If one looks closely, they will see that he seems to have light-yellow eyes. They are barely visible due to the fact that Pedro seems to have eye infections. The reason for this is unknown, but it is possibly connected to the incident that bonded Pedro and Holst together.

Events of AFD Strike

Pedro is introduced, along with Jamie Jones, Rick Campbell, Alex Levine, Holst, and Brian, in the debriefing for the mission operation code H4. When Pedro introduces himself, he says that he pilots the next plane after Holst's, and says he's glad to make everyone's acquaintance.

Later, 2nd Element is sent to attack as many hostile ships gathering at Port Erythraei as possible within six minutes. On their way, they encounter four ships. If the player is playing as Holst, Pedro will converse with Brian warning him not to get in Holst's way, otherwise he will open fire on him. If the player is playing as Brian, after Brian destroys the ships, Pedro laughs and says, "Sprog keep trying!" as a taunt. At Port Erythraei, they destroy several enemy ships within six minutes. During the mission, they encounter Giuseppe Ferretti who can be shot down. After six minutes, Amelia tells them to return to base and the mission is complete. In the debriefing, when Brian is cheering over how they completed the mission, Pedro tells him to calm down but Brian says that they sunk enemy battleships and that it was awesome. Pedro gets angry at Brian but Holst tells him to stop. After Holst tells Brian that he can't just forget about everything and go wild and he must reflect on what happened, Brian asks what it is and Pedro irritably says that he was zipping around out there and not 'giving a damn' to the rest of his Element. Holst tells Pedro to stop but he says that he's too easy on Brian who still doesn't even have the basics down and could've gotten them killed. Pedro and Brian start to argue and Holst angrily stops them. After Holst tells Brian not to let his excitement go to his head as it could get him killed, he then tells Pedro that he should remember that they were greenhorns once and he should try to remember what that was like when he deals with Brian. Pedro reluctantly agrees and Holst tells him and Brian that he'll write the report. Pedro and Brian then leave.

Later, 2nd Element is sent to the Lugerde Desert to deal with an invading ground fleet consisting of strange, tire-like battleships. They are accompanied by David Smith, Collette Le Clerc, and Constance Le Clerc, but they crash into the battleships. 2nd Element then attacks the main battleships from the side when Amelia tells them to. They eventually manage to wipe out the enemy battleships, completing the mission. In the debriefing, after Brian is disappointed with the fact that although the Lugerde Desert fared well, everyone else took a beating and the front line has receded, Pedro asks Brian how much does it take to go through to his head, and tells him that 'you dreamy new recruits are the worst'. Brian gets angry at Pedro saying that he can't mean him, but Pedro says he does and he doesn't take a word from it. They begin arguing and Holst angrily tells them to stop, saying that they're free to celebrate and to take the war seriously but they are not allowed to stir up conflict in the Element. Pedro attempts to resist but Holst tells him that if this baloney doesn't stop, their Element will lose its ability to fight. After Holst leaves, Pedro is feeling reluctant and Lilia tells him that it's enough from him and tells Brian that he keeps getting closer to being a hero. Pedro and Brian reluctantly agree and leave.

Later, Pedro and the other pilots are sent to capture the enemy's air transport squadron and to destroy the enemy's airships surrounding the transports, then to guide the transports, then to guide the transports back into friendly airspace. They succeed in their mission.

Later, Pedro and the other pilots are sent to attack the enemy's new anti-aircraft system, tornado generators, in the Drycharl Desert. If the player plays as a 2nd Element character, they will not have to play the Intercept mission for Twister. At the Drycharl Desert, Delta destroys the tornado generators and the operations base, completing the mission.

Later, 2nd Element is sent to destroy a fleet in the Tieschull Ocean in the polar region. During the mission, they encounter Sergei Kinski. 2nd Element destroys all the ships disguised as ice floes, completing the mission.

Later, Pedro and the other pilots are sent to Armagest City to regain the airspace near the Chiron orbital lift and assist the ground troops as they advance. The player can skip the Intercept mission if playing as 2nd Element. At the city, they encounter Pierre Gallo. If the player plays as either Holst or Brian, Pierre will say, "Just go home like good losers!", and either Holst will say that he's a greenhorn and asks if they told him to stay calm, or Brian will say, "How dare you! I can fly just fine!" Either way, Pierre says, "Aw, how touching! Don't worry. I'll still take you down!" Pedro then tells him that he's caused enough monkey business and it's time for him to take his medicine. Delta manages to destroy the anti-air radar system and shoot down Pierre, completing the mission.

Later, 2nd Element is sent on a mission to escort the Armed Fighting Walker to its final destination after 1st Element helps escort its transport, the Archelon. They destroy several enemy gunships, known as Type-A8: Doggies, and shoot down several bombers. During the mission, they encounter Giuseppe. The AFW eventually reaches its destination, but then Giuseppe and the other enemies head over to attack them. After a brief fight, Giuseppe is shot down and killed as he was unable to eject. The mission is then completed. In the debriefing, Amelia congratulates them for their victory and Pedro asks what's going on. Amelia says that letters have arrived. Pedro states that it doesn't concern him and Brian asks him why. Pedro says that he doesn't know anyone who would send him a letter and Brian asks, "What about your family?" Pedro says that he lost them a long time ago. Brian apologizes and Pedro tells him not to let it bother him and tells Holst about the letters, which are revealed to be from Holst's daughter Alice. They then walk down the hallway and after Brian tells Holst that he should not be assigned to the Delta Squadron as he is worried about his daughter, Pedro tells Brian that without their Element leader, their abilities would be taking a nosedive. Brian attempts to argue but Pedro asks him what gives him the right to question his decision. Brian is stressed out and Pedro tells him that he has become a skilled fighter and it's high time he started thinking about what he's fighting for. Pedro then leaves.

Later, Delta is sent to destroy the Kotor Stronghold. On their way, they encounter Francine Davout and Jake Emerson. 2nd Element deals with the ground targets while 1st and 3rd Elements deal with the air targets. They eventually manage to wipe out the enemies and they proceed to Kotor. There, they encounter Sergei and Albert Ungar. Delta manages to fly through several underground bunkers and, with help from Land Walker, destroy their internal hatches. If Sergei is left alive after the 5th hangar has been destroyed, he must be killed. Sergei is shot down and killed and Delta completes their mission.

Later, Delta is sent to clear a path for bombers that are being sent to attack the enemy's new railguns. If the player is playing as a 2nd Element character, they can skip the intercept mission New Generation. At Marinor Glen, large wind turbines are activated, creating a barrier of wind above the canyon. Holst, Pedro, and Brian are accompanied by David, Collette, and Constance, but the latter three get knocked out by the wind. As they fly through the canyon, they are pursued by Albert, Ellen McNichol, and two reinforcements. Albert and Ellen wonder about Ken and why he's not there. Albert says he'll finish this quick and then hunt down Ken, and challenges the Delta pilots. They eventually reach where the machines are located and they destroy them by breaking their supports, completing the mission. In the debriefing, when Rick says that he doesn't know if they can keep it up forever, Pedro says at least the enemy isn't getting any new recruits either and at this point, it's just a contest to see who can hold out longer, and Rick says that it has gotten to be 'one damn dirty business', and Pedro agrees saying that a few of them have gotten some pretty hard psychological knocks too. After Alex gets worried for Ken being unable to fight Ellen saying that having to fight a loved one has to do a bad number on your head, Pedro agrees and says that Ruth has been worrying herself sick about him. John says that it makes "two useless, sentimental idiots" and Pedro tells him that his response was pretty cold. John laughs and says that it leaves more prey for him and leaves. Pedro then says that it looks like they're going to really have to push it to the limit for a while. Holst agrees and says that Brian is looking tired and hopes that it doesn't drag down their capabilities.

Later, Pedro and the other pilots are sent to attack the Navarone battery, home to three of the enemy's new large-bore railguns. On their way, they encounter Francine and Jake again. They also encounter strange new enemy vehicles shaped like crabs. 2nd Element deals with the vehicles and Jake is killed during the fight. Delta then heads to where the railguns are located, and all of the bombers are shot down by one of them. David, Collette, and Constance fly through one of the railguns and blow it up from the inside. Amelia then tells them to leave the battle zone. Delta then takes care of the rest. They manage to destroy the other two railguns, completing the mission.

Afterwards, 2nd Element is sent to the Tethys Sea to attack an oil base and numerous battleships while avoiding firing at neutral ships. During the mission, they encounter Donald Chan. 2nd Element manages to destroy the enemy ships and oil base, completing the mission. In the debriefing, Pedro tells Brian that he wants to talk to him and instead of lecturing him as usual, he says that Brian did pretty good out there today and stayed out of Holst's way for the most part as well. Brian is surprised and Pedro explains that he was being hard on him for his own good and not just for the hell of it. Holst then tells Pedro that he was still awfully hard on Brian just the same. Pedro says he didn't realize that and is glad he told him.

Later, Delta is sent to attack the Chiron lift in Armagest City to prevent the enemy from attempting to resupply. During the mission, they encounter Donald and Ellen. Donald is killed if he is shot down, but the mission does not require him to be. Ellen is not required to be shot down either. The orbital lift then comes online and Delta attacks the elevator car as it moves upwards. They manage to stop it, completing the mission. However, Pierre discovers this and, flying a large mech, fires a powerful laser beam at the lift, causing it to explode and slowly break up.

1st and 3rd Elements then deal with the orbital lift fragments and then they are sent to the Uranometria base to provide cover for the last heavy-lift vehicle (HLV) known as Starlight as it takes off. The Starlight then takes them up into space and the Starlight, along with several other HLVs, approaches the mother ship Isis.

Afterwards, Pedro and the other pilots are sent to defend the E.D.A.F. armada from an enemy formation. If Ellen is not unlocked at this point, she will appear in the mission as an enemy. Delta manages to wipe out the enemy formation, completing the mission.

Later, Delta is sent to attack the L-2 Colony where O.C.C.'s main base is believed to be located. 2nd Element attacks the enemy's fleet while 1st and 3rd Elements go after the enemy's fighters and mechs. During the mission, they encounter Francine who wants to avenge Jake's death. Delta eventually manages to wipe out the enemies and complete their mission. In the debriefing, it is revealed that the L-2 Colony was not the enemy's main base and Lilia mentions a heavy freight craft travelling to a planet they thought was uninhabited. Pedro asks her what planet it is and she says it's Mars. It is then revealed that the O.C.C. is being lead by an alien known as Navigator. Delta then decides to go to Mars.

After 1st and 3rd Elements defend Isis as it descends to Mars, the E.D.A.F. troops construct a base there and prepare for the final battle.


In the final mission for 2nd Element, Battle of Under Ground, Holst, Pedro, and Brian are sent to go underground in Mars, to defend an underground base from Candel missiles. They fly through large caverns and some narrow tunnels created by the missiles. They eventually manage to destroy all the missiles, saving the base and completing the mission. Afterwards, a cutscene plays showing the last missile approaching the base. The people in the base are in panic and then 2nd Element arrives. Holst destroys the missile and the people in the base cheer. 2nd Element then flies over to a large hole in the top of the cavern on their way back to base. Brian asks Holst if it's the end, and he says no, saying it's not over as long as there are still battlefields left to fight on, and Brian says, "Then let's play the final round." and the cutscene ends with them flying through the hole.

Ellen becoming unlocked

If the player plays as Ken, and shoots down Ellen every time she appears, the debriefings for the missions Up Stream, Meteor Structure, and Departure will then change. In the one for Meteor Structure, Holst and Pedro celebrate their victory, but then Brian notices a strange plane landing. They believe it to be an enemy at first, but then the pilot is revealed to be an unbrainwashed Ellen. Ellen is then unlocked after Departure.


  • Call sign: Cobra 2
  • T.A.C. name: Magician
  • Plane colors: Same as Holst

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  • His name suggests that he is Hispanic.
  • Pedro is one of only three non-playable characters in the Airforce Delta series who can fly any plane of the player's choice, as he will always fly whatever plane Holst is flying. The others being two unnamed, unseen pilots who appear in the ending cutscene after the final mission in the original Airforce Delta.
    • If the player flies a ?????? plane while playing as Holst, however, Pedro will just fly the F-105D Thunderchief.
    • Also, in replayable missions, Pedro just flies the Thunderchief, regardless of which plane Holst flies.


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