Parting Shots is the second half of the two-part ending mission in Airforce Delta Storm and the last mission of the game overall.


This mission starts in a narrow tunnel inside the control center. You must fly carefully and be careful around obstacles and gun pods. There is a moving linear train firing bullets at you. Destroying it is optional but recommended. If you do destroy it though, its explosion can blind you so be careful. The tunnel goes up and down towards the end and you'll find yourself where the core is. The core is concealed and you must expose it. To do this, there are two defense boards and a power plant you must destroy. Destroying the defense boards can be annoying since they constantly move in a circle with the one on the top moving left and the one on the bottom moving right. After destroying the defense boards and the power plant, the area suddenly turns dark and the core is then exposed. Destroy it and congratulations! You've finished the game!

Mission Objectives

  • Destroy all targets.


As with Final Mission, no credits or planes are earned/unlocked by this mission. However, the game is completed and the player is free to start a new game plus with all the planes they purchased.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number Score
Defense Board 2 -
Power Plant 1 -
Tyrant Core 1 -
Gun Pod 7 -
Linear Train 1 -
Defense Board 9 -
Unknown unreachable enemy (presumably an 8th gun pod) 1 -


  • In the Xbox 360 emulated version of the game, this mission area is a white, textureless void, making it difficult to navigate. This glitch is shown in this video here.


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  • In the PAL version of the game, the area where the core is located is flipped upside-down.
  • Discounting Where Are We? in the PAL version, secret missions, and Intercept missions, this is the only mission in the game to have no dialogue at all.
  • "Parting Shots" is a term for a final remark, typically a cutting one, made by someone at the moment of departure. This is a rather appropriate name for this mission since completing it ends the game.
  • Inside from Airforce Delta Strike has similarities to this mission as both are end missions that involve flying through a narrow tunnel, entering a large area, and destroying targets to reach and destroy a final one.


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