POW Rescue is the eighth mission in the original Airforce Delta. It involves helping an allied UH-60 Blackhawk rescue P.O.W.s from a camp.


Our intel department has discovered the whereabouts of a POW Camp.

The Army Special Forces rescue team is on its way as we speak.

Your mission is to secure the air space above the camp perimeter.

The rescue team is being extracted by a chopper.

This calls for neutralization of enemy air facilities as well.

Ensure the rescue mission's success at any cost.


Despite what this may seem, this hardly counts as an escort mission. The enemies barely go after the Blackhawk ally. As a result, this is basically another "Destroy all the targets" mission. There's not a whole lot to say; Just run around and blow up the targets. Once the last one is destroyed, the mission automatically ends in your victory. Hardly an escort mission...

Either way. Escort mission or not, focus on the bigger threats to the chopper. For some reason the chopper is already at the POW camp, so quickly zoom by the two useless Gun Pods and make your way to the camp. Take down the target MiG-21, before clearing out gunpods around the camp. Once they're all destroyed, you can go play with the other planes and helicopters at your leisure, as nothing else is a threat to the Blackhawk. Once you've cleaned house at your leisure, destroy the POW Camps to win the mission.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number Score
MiG-21 Fishbed 1 49,500
Gun Pod 8 4,500
POW Camp 3 6,000
F-4E Phantom II 4 36,000
B-2 1 45,000
Mi-24 2 30,000
Gun Pod 2 4,500
Gun Pod 10 6,000

Gallery (Enemy/NPCs)

Video (Walkthrough/Soundtrack)

Airforce Delta - Mission 08 POW Rescue

Airforce Delta - Mission 08 POW Rescue

Airforce Delta Deadly Skies Soundtrack 08

Airforce Delta Deadly Skies Soundtrack 08


  • In the Japanese version of Airforce Delta, instead of the helicopter merely being above the enemy camp, it instead starts near your craft and flies towards the camp. However, this does not change the mission in any major way otherwise. The enemy aircraft and AA weaponry ignores the helicopter.
  • In the manual, the mission location is instead known as the "Eion Forest Area".


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