"The Robbers" Over the Cloud is a mission for all elements of Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike.


The briefing of this mission is fairly odd and suspicious; on the outset, Lilia and Robert claim it's merely an operation to steal cargo from the O.C.C.'s flying transports, but they act mildly suspicious during the briefing. Ken even notes that they're hiding something.

In the mission proper, it turns out he was correct; it's truly an escort mission. One of the top generals in the O.C.C., General Bolotnikov, is requesting asylum. As a result, the group must escort his escape ship, the Freedom, to safety whilst dealing with the 23rd Air Transportation Convoy and their massive, heavily armed transport ships.

Basic Walkthrough

Simpler than it seems. Although the Arrows and Spirals seem dangerous with their massive missile salvos, there's actually a crippling programming flaw; the Spiral Spears cannot damage you if you do not look at them as they hit you. As a result, the swarms of missiles will clearly collide into your plane, but deal no damage.

Even if they DO deal damage, they only deal about as much damage as an AA gun bullet. As a result, this mission is fairly simple. Destroy the targets as they appear; there's a lot of waiting around, admittedly.

Also, as the briefing notes, do NOT fly below the clouds; you'll die instantly.


  • The Freedom's full codename is "Type-BE: Freedom". This is only stated in the official Japanese-exclusive strategy guide.


Air Force Delta Strike Replay-Over the Cloud

Air Force Delta Strike Replay-Over the Cloud