This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission operation code T8 in Airforce Delta Strike.


Robert: Let's get the briefing underway. Lilia, give us a summary.

Lilia: Yes, sir. Your target is the oil field base located in the Tethys Sea. Here are your orders. 2nd Element will be dispatched immediately. Destroy Tethys Development Corporation's oil base.

Holst: But hasn't Tethys Development claimed neutrality?

Lilia: That's the problem. They'll sell oil to anyone with money. Even if it winds up being used by the enemy's navy.

Pedro: [smiles] Oh, I get it. To bring their navy into this thing, they need more juice. So we take out the source first.

Lilia: Exactly. Once they're out of fuel they'll be as quiet as mice.

Brian: Aren't there civilian tankers docked there, too?

Lilia: Yes, of course. But I'm not asking you to attack them. In fact, you'll pay a penalty if you do.

Brian: Oh, man...

Lilia: And there's a penalty for not attacking any ships you find. You'll have a great chance to sink them as they refuel.

Holst: [smiles] Roger!

Robert: [smiles] Then move out. Make sure you only attack the oil field and enemy ships, okay? I don't want any slip-ups.

Lilia: Dismissed!

[briefing ends]


Amelia: Target is a mid-ocean crude oil rig. Cut off the enemy's supply line, but do it safely. There are warships in dock around the rig for supplies. Those warships are additional targets. Don't be caught in the warships' fire. Take care. Nomad to all Cobra units. It seems there are also neutral boats in dock around the rig. Do not fire upon neutral targets.

Pedro: Magician, roger.

Donald: Hmm, as I thought. My calculations were correct. I knew you'd be here! In order to avoid future complication, I need you to die!

Operator: (after any targets are destroyed or Donald is shot down) We are receiving enemy fire! Mayday! Mayday!

[when any named vessels are damaged, the following twenty-four lines may potentially be said]

Beloe: Belinda hit!

Beloe: Cordelia hit!

Beloe: Naiad hit!

Beloe: Oberon hit!

Beloe: Ophelia hit!

Beloe: Pholus hit!

Beloe: Puck hit!

Beloe: Thalassa hit!

Beloe: Umbriel hit!

Beloe: Belinda's on fire!

Beloe: Cordelia's on fire!

Beloe: Naiad's on fire!

Beloe: Oberon's on fire!

Beloe: Pholus's on fire!

Beloe: Puck's on fire!

Beloe: Thalassa's on fire!

Beloe: Umbriel's on fire!

Beloe: Belinda's been hit.

Beloe: Cordelia's been hit.

Beloe: Naiad's been hit.

Beloe: Oberon's been hit.

Beloe: Pholus's been hit.

Beloe: Puck's been hit.

Beloe: Thalassa's been hit.

Beloe: Umbriel's been hit.

[when any named vessels are destroyed, the following sixteen lines may potentially be said]

Beloe: We've lost contact with Belinda...

Beloe: We've lost contact with Cordelia...

Beloe: We've lost contact with Naiad...

Beloe: We've lost contact with Oberon...

Beloe: We've lost contact with Pholus...

Beloe: We've lost contact with Puck...

Beloe: We've lost contact with Thalassa...

Beloe: We've lost contact with Umbriel...

Beloe: Belinda is out of contact...

Beloe: Cordelia is out of contact...

Beloe: Naiad is out of contact...

Beloe: Oberon is out of contact...

Beloe: Pholus is out of contact...

Beloe: Puck is out of contact...

Beloe: Thalassa is out of contact...

Beloe: Umbriel is out of contact...

[when any neutral vessels are destroyed, the following three lines will potentially be said]

Neutral Ship: This is Crude Oil Vessel 1. We are not the enemy! Don't shoot! Captain! The deck is on fire!

Neutral Ship: This is Heavy Oil Vessel 1. We are neutral. Stop your assault now! Fire on the rear deck! Trying to extinguish...

Neutral Ship: This is Diesel Vessel 3. We're neutral. Don't attack us! Fire on Deck 1. Why are you targeting us?!

Worker: (when Sector 1 bridge is damaged) Damage to Sector 1 bridge!

Worker: (when Sector 2 bridge is damaged) Damage to Sector 2 bridge!

Worker: (when Sector 3 bridge is damaged) Damage to Sector 3 bridge!

Worker: (when Sector 4 bridge is damaged) Sector 4 bridge is damaged!

Worker: (when Sector 1 bridge is destroyed) Sector 1 bridge... is going to collapse! Stop the diesel pumps! Quick! The oil will go into the sea! Cut it off quick!

Worker: (when Sector 2 bridge is destroyed) Sector 2 bridge is about to drop... Has anyone stopped Pump 2?! Hurry! If we don't hurry, the whole place'll go up!

Worker: (when Sector 3 bridge is destroyed) Sector 3 bridge has been destroyed...! Hey, what about the workers?! Are they still in that sector? Launch the rescue ships! Immediately!

Worker: (when Sector 4 bridge is destroyed) Sector 4 bridge is...! Oh crap! Shut off that drill valve! Who moved that?! It's broken!

[after any of the sector bridges are destroyed, the following four lines may potentially be said later in the mission]

Worker: Crap! It's burst through! Hurry!

Worker: Number 5 and 6 pipes are ripping!

Worker: Put it out! Where's the fire extinguisher?!

Worker: The valve...! I can't shut off the valve!

Donald: (after eight targets are destroyed) It's in bad shape. No percentage in defending it at this point.

Merv: (after nine targets are destroyed) We're going to defend this base or die trying!

[when only five targets are left, the following lines will be said]

Donald: (if not shot down at this point) It's a simple matter of cost versus benefit. Any more time spent would be a waste. Pull back! [flees the battlefield]

Merv: What are you doing?! Hurry up and shoot them down!

Donald: (if shot down) My calculations were incorrect?! Urgh! Ejecting!

Amelia: (after all targets are destroyed) No response from enemy rig.

[mission ends]


[in hangar]

Pedro: ...Brian.

Brian: [smiles] Yes?

Pedro: I want to talk to you.

Brian: Yes, sir? [frowns] (Oh, boy! Another lecture? What stupid thing did I do this time?)

Pedro: [grins] You were pretty good out there today. And you stayed out of Lead's way for the most part, too.

Brian: ...Huh?

Pedro: If you keep this up, I think you could-- Hey, are you even listening?

Brian: Where did all this come from, out of the blue?

Pedro: Just telling you what I thought, that's all. It's not like I have some ulterior motive. I'm... praising you, okay?

Brian: I'm really glad, don't get me wrong. It's just that you've always been so hard on me. I'm just shocked.

Pedro: I was only doing it for your own good, you know, not just for the hell of it.

Holst: [smiles] But still, you were always awfully hard on Brian, just the same.

Pedro: [smiles] Gee, I didn't realize that... I'm glad you told me.

Holst: [sternly] But now that you're getting so good, it doesn't mean you can start getting careless, you know, Brian!

Brian: [smiles] ...Yes, sir!

Holst: If you want to keep being a pilot, you've gotta keep at your training. Always try to understand why things happen like they do.

Brian: Yes, sir!

Holst: [smiles] Keep up the good work, Sprog!

Brian: [delightfully] Yes, sir!

[transitions to O.C.C. side in their meeting room]

Donald: [angry] ...Strange. How could my calculations have been so off? What happened? Did I underestimate their strength? The timing of my orders was off, maybe? Maybe a problem with the sequencing...? Didn't keep my men's morale up...? Or could it be... [troubled] ...I'm no longer able to make sound judgments...? Maybe I'm unstable? But that couldn't be! I threw all that "sentiment" rubbish away! Being a machine is what's kept me alive all this time! How could I be making miscalculations, then? I must be broken. I've got to get repaired! [turns neutral] But where...? Where can I go? Who can I turn to...?

[debriefing ends]

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