operation code T8 is a mission in Airforce Delta Strike. It is the last Earth mission for the 2nd Element.


Tethys Development Corporation is selling oil to the O.C.C.'s navy so they can be brought into the fold. Delta Squadron 2nd Element is dispatched to the Tethys Sea to destroy the oil base to stop the fueling effort. There are also civilian tankers which are not supposed to be destroyed, otherwise the player will have to pay a penalty. Delta is also required to take out war ships in dock around the rig for supplies. The mission is a naval engagement against ships and among enemy planes are Donald Chan (Piloting an Su-37), Su-24M "Fencer D"s, Yak-38 "Forger A"s, and Su-39 "Frogfoot"s. Donald is not required to be shot down in this mission (Despite being listed as a Target) and he flees the battlefield if he is left alone while a certain number of ground targets are destroyed. After all required battleships and the four bridges of the oil base are destroyed, the mission is completed.

Basic Walkthrough

The first thing to note - BEWARE DONALD. He is piloting one of the best fighters in the game period, the almighty Su-37. To give you an idea on how dangerous this thing is, it was once given the NATO reporting name of Terminator. He's worth an incredibly high amount of money, however, so if you can manage to shoot him down (Or, God forbid, gunkill or even rocket kill him), you will gain an incredibly high sum of money (67k for a standard kill, 135k for a gun kill, 202k for a rocket kill). However, keep in mind, nearly all of Holst and Brian's planes have bad Anti Air stats, so dogfighting is NOT a good idea. If you ignore him and destroy a large number of the target ships, Donald will eventually turn tail and flee, abandoning the site. If you DO want to try and dogfight him, Brian's F/A-18E Super Hornet will have been unlocked by this point in the game, and it's one of the few dogfight-capable planes in 2nd Element's arsenal.

Aside from that, this level is packed to the brim with warships. They can, like the previous fleet-attack mission, fire missiles and attack with AA guns. They are also decently durable, and appear in absolutely massive swarms. However, there is a trick to utilize with the warships; For some strange reason, if you don't directly look at them, they can't fire their missiles at you. They can attack with the AA guns, but the bigger threat is basically nullified. Bear in mind, however, you can't lock on with your missiles either. Making fast hit and run passes on the warships is the ideal way to take them down. Also keep in mind the neutral vessels. They are colored green on the radar, and are listed as non-targets. Don't destroy them!

The oil rig itself is also protected by more ships and even more AA guns. So be cautious! Also watch the time; If you want to destroy everything, it's pretty easy to cut your measly ten-minute time limit very short.

Mission Objectives

  • Destroy all target battleships and the four bridges of the oil base.


The reward for this mission is 100,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies destroyed as well as the type of weapon used to destroy them. Destroying a civilian tanker will reduce the reward by 30,000 credits.


Airforce Delta Strike - Phase 9 - Mission 32 operation code T8

Airforce Delta Strike - Phase 9 - Mission 32 operation code T8