This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission operation code H4 in Airforce Delta Strike.


Robert: [grins] This one'll be easier than most, everyone. Just sit back and listen.

Lilia: [angry] Can you believe this guy? ...Amelia? [calms down] Give us our orders.

Amelia: Understood. Our target is the fuel refinery in Area OB-15. This base supplies fuel to the enemy's air force, is closest to the front line and may be behind the current attack. Delta Squadron 3rd Element will be dispatched. Destroy the fuel refinery. ...That is all. This is going to be a joint attack with elements of the 506th Fighter and 44th Bomber Squads. Keep your eyes open, we don't want any friendly fire out there.

Lilia: Okay. Now then, go get 'em!

Ruth: That's enemy territory, isn't it?

Lilia: That's right. Destroying that base should slow down their advance.

John: I could care less about those infantry pukes down there... I'm not going.

Ruth: [angry] What are you saying, Rundal?

Lilia: Don't pay any attention to him. He always talks like that.

Robert: [sadly] It's true that the 2nd Element chews up ground targets like nobody else... But they're short-handed right now. You're the only ones available. Will you do it?

John: In a word, no.

Lilia: [angry] Commander, are you going to let him get away with that? You could ground him or even court-martial him for disobeying orders.

Robert: [angry] Now, now, Lilia!

Lilia: [calms down] You can't just pick and choose who you're going to fight! There's no room in Delta for a pilot like that. Got it?

Ruth: [calms down] Yes, Ma'am!

John: [troubled] ..................

Robert: [neutral] All right, 3rd Element, I'm counting on you to take out that refinery. Good luck and fight hard!

John: [begrudgingly] .........Roger.

[briefing ends]


Amelia: The target us an enemy oil installation. Your mission is to cut off the enemy's supply line. The oil installation is alongside a pipeline. Follow an approach along that.

Kite Leader: Oh, damn! Delta's on today.

Kite: Yeah, copy. Do we have an ETA on Beluga?

Kite Leader: Nomad, request Beluga's posit.

Amelia: Beluga should be on radar any moment.

Kite Leader: Roger. All units, break formation and secure the airspace!

Kite: Roger that! Assigning a scratch unit? What is the top brass thinking?!

Kite Leader: Skip it! Let's just show them what the real air force can do.

Kite: Amen to that!

Amelia: Radar signal! Incoming enemy units! Be careful!

Kite Leader: Viper 1, this is Kite Lead.

Ruth: This is Lilly in Viper 1.

Kite Leader: I hear you're still a fledgling. Better stay out of the way.

Ruth: What?!

Giuseppe: Why do I have to get stuck with these missions... ?! All units, spread out! Zap those bandits!

Kite Leader: The regular air force can handle this mission.

Ruth: But!

Kite Leader: Look! Just stay out of our way! It's too much for a garbage-can crew like Delta.

Ruth: Hey, watch your mouth!

Kite Leader: Okay, no more chatter! We're on a mission!

Ruth: Hmph...

Kite Leader: Huh? Viper 2? Why are you in my flight path?

John: Outta my way.

Kite Leader: Viper 2, alter course immediately!

John: I'm not movin'.

Kite Leader: About what you'd expect from Delta! Disobeying air force orders!

John: ...You wanna get wasted, too?

Kite Leader: Watch it!

Ruth: Quit arguing in the middle of a mission!

John: ...I'm not gonna take orders from some half-ass no-load.

Kite Leader: Hah! You Delta couldn't clean the bird crap off my windshield.

John: ...We'll see about that.

Kite Leader: You're on!

Kite 2: Lead! He's not worth it!

Kite Leader: Don't sweat it. I'm gonna just give this punk a reality check!

Beluga: Hey, Viper 1. This is Beluga.

Ruth: This is Viper 1, Lilly.

Beluga: Keep it trim! Don't let me down!

Ruth: Roger that!

Beluga: We're gonna need you! Kite's escort alone isn't enough, okay?

EDITORS NOTE - The following dialogue may sometimes appear in different orders.

Ruth: Wolf, where are you going?

John: ...If there're any interceptors around, I'm gonna hunt 'em down.

Ruth: Have you forgotten the frag, Wolf?

John: It's just a part of our duty, right? To protect our guys from interceptors you gonna keep me from my job?[sic] Do you even have the authority?

Ruth: ...Er...

John: Don't interfere! ...Okay? Just keep quiet and fly! Take out some ground targets! ...I'm gonna rack up some points!

Beluga: Hey, Viper 2. This is Beluga.

John: ...Get off my channel!

Beluga: Whoa! Grouchy! Remove any interceptor threats, okay?

John: I know what I've gotta do...

Beluga: Ouch! Looks like you've got it under control! Sorry!

John: ...Whatever.

Beluga: Approaching IP.

Beluga Leader: Okay, Beluga units. Wrap up those presents.

Beluga: Roger.

Beluga Leader: Kite, don't let us down with your escort, huh?

Beluga: Entering final approach.

Beluga Leader: Units, roll in down the line when payload is hot for drop!

Beluga: Roger.

Giuseppe: You'll all make a nice feather in my cap!

Ruth: What?!

Giuseppe: Consider it an honor!

Ruth: Like hell I will!

Giuseppe: I'm a born leader, not like you guys! Now give up quietly!

Ruth: Think we're just gonna roll over and play dead?!

Giuseppe: Well, then you'll die for real. You haven't got a chance against me in a dogfight.

John: ...Butt-wipe.

Giuseppe: What?!

John: You're a butt-wipe and you're going down ...Now c'mon!

Giuseppe: Butt-wipe? You called me a butt-wipe?! Oh, you'll pay! You'll pay for that! Get ready to die!

John: Give it your best shot!

Giuseppe: I eat sawed-off little punks like you for breakfast!

Goblin: (if Giuseppe is shot down) Commander, you've gotta punch out!

Giuseppe: (if shot down) I can't believe it...I'm hit. You're gonna pay for that some day!

Amelia: (when the player enters the third target area) Be careful of enemy ack-ack fire.

Worker: (when the player destroys the oil tanks in the third target area) The oil tanks have been hit! Put the fire out! Fire-fighters! Where are the fire trucks?! Water! Bring water! What the hell is the air force doing?! (when the player destroys the facility in the fourth target area) Under enemy fire! Require immediate assistance!

Amelia: (after all required targets are destroyed) All enemy targets have been struck. All Delta units, head for home. Good job!

[mission ends]


[in briefing room]

Robert: Well, it looks like you're all here.

Ruth: Commander Williams, is it another mission?

Robert: [smiles] No, this is not a mandatory meeting. I just wanted to give you a chance to get familiar with each other.

Ruth: Get familiar?

Robert: [grins] Yes, once you get up in the air, the tightness of a squadron suddenly becomes very important to teamwork. Well, let's start with the 1st Element. All right, Jamie?

Jamie: [smiles] Certainly. Well, I'll begin. I'm Jamie Jones, and I'm the 1st Element Leader. You got that, whippersnappers?

Ruth: Excuse me, but I have a question.

Jamie: Yeah, what is it?

Ruth: Captain Jones, may I ask your age?

Jamie: [frowns] Fifty-two this year, what of it?

Ruth: [nervous] I'm sorry, it's nothing.

Jamie: [delightfully] Well, we're counting on all you new recruits. Next, lemme introduce the rest of the gang. Rick! You start!

Rick: [smiles] Me? Well, I...My name is Rick Campbell. Pleasure to meet you.

Jamie: [smiles] Rick here is a real freak when it comes to fast planes. But other than that, he's a nice enough guy.

Rick: [angry] Jamie, how many years must you call me a freak?!

Jamie: But that's what you are, right?

Rick: Excuse me, but look who's talking! I've never seen a prop-plane freak like you! How could you call me a freak?

Jamie: [angry] What's wrong with prop-planes?!! And I hardly deserve to take flak from the likes of you!

Rick: Why you...!!

Jamie: Hey, you want some of me?

Alex: Now let's leave them be and move on with things. I'm Alex Levine. I usually pilot a VTOL... [smiles] Nice to meet you.

Holst: Next, we are the 2nd Element. I'm the Element Leader, Holst Prendre. I usually handle air raid operations. Allow me to introduce the 2nd Lieutenant, Pedro?

Pedro: I'm Pedro Glankert. I pilot the next plane after the Element Leader's. Glad to make your acquaintance.

Holst: And a new recruit, Brian, has joined us to fill out the ranks!

Brian: [delightfully] Yes, sir! I'm Brian Douglas! Look forward to fighting with everybody, in the name of peace!

Holst: Well, show him the ropes if you get the chance, everybody. That's all for the 2nd Element.

Robert: [turns neutral] Finally, let's meet the 3rd Element. Ruth, please do the honors.

Ruth: [turns neutral] Yes, sir. Allow me to begin. My name is Ruth Valentine. I switched from a post in the official air force to Leader of the 3rd Element. Pleasure to meet you.

Robert: Okay, now John?

John: ...John Rundal. I'm the star of this unit, and I ain't giving that up to no one. So stay out of my damn way.

Robert: And, lastly, Ken.

Ken: I'm Ken Thomas. ...

Robert: Er, Ken?

Ken: Yes?

Robert: Is...that all?

Ken: What's the problem?

Robert: ...Well, yes. Very well. And there you have it, the pilots of the Delta Squadron. We're counting on every last on of you! Dismissed!

[transitions to O.C.C. side in their hangar]

Leon: Squadron Commander!

Giuseppe: Oh, it's you, Leon.

Leon: Are you all right?

Giuseppe: [smiles and stands in a Jojo-like pose] Yeah, the rest of the squadron stepped on my toes. I sure could've used you out there.

Leon: Commander! I really appreciate that. In fact, I wish I had gone. Were you injured?

Giuseppe: No, I'm in one piece. But my plane is in several. I'll have to skip out on the next mission. Oh, could I ask you a favor?

Leon: Yes! Of course, anything at all.

Giuseppe: On the next mission, I want you to show the world that the Merv 2nd Squadron is way beyond that "Emperor" joker.

Leon: [smiles] Yes sir! I, Leon Kleiser, would risk my life to carry out an order from you, Commander!

Giuseppe: That's what I like to hear. If you succeed, I could be promoted, and you know that I'll remember you when that happens.

Leon: Yes, sir! Thank you very much, sir! I'll will always be at your service, Commander!

Giuseppe: Excellent, Leon! Now, go out there and show me what you've got! [leaves]

Leon: [frowns] ...hmph!

[debriefing ends]