operation code H4 is the second mission in Airforce Delta Strike. The player plays as Ken Thomas for this mission.


A fuel refinery supplying fuel to the enemy's air force which is closest to the front line and may be behind the current attack is the E.D.A.F.'s target. Delta Squadron 3rd Element is being dispatched to destroy the refinery with help from Kite (pilots that use F-16C Block 50 Fighting Falcons) and Beluga (pilots that use B-1B Lancers). Destroying the refinery should slow down the enemy's advance. 3rd Element is the only Delta Element available as the air-to-ground strike team, 2nd Element, is shorthanded at this time. The mission is an air-to-ground operation with many tanks and anti-air guns shooting at the player who has to destroy facilities and oil tanks. Enemies in the air include Giuseppe Ferretti in a MiG-17F "Fresco C" and different models of the Sukhoi Fitter. After all required ground targets are destroyed, the mission is completed.

Mission Objectives

  • Destroy oil tanks and facilities.


The reward for this mission is 20,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies destroyed as well as the type of weapon used to take them out. The MiG-21bis "Fishbed N" is also unlocked for 160,000 credits.


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Airforce Delta Strike - Phase 1 - Mission 02 operation H4

Airforce Delta Strike - Phase 1 - Mission 02 operation H4


  • In this mission's briefing, John Rundal erroneously says he could care less about 'those infantry pukes' down there when the correct way to say it would be 'couldn't care less'.
  • Also, in this mission's debriefing, there is a minor grammatical error in Leon Kleiser's dialogue, "I'll will always be at your service, Commander!" The correct way to say it would simply have either "I'll" or "I will".
  • In the debriefing as well, when Robert Williams says they're counting on every last one of the Delta pilots, 'one' is misspelled as 'on' in the text box.