Oil Refinery Seizure is the tenth mission in the original Airforce Delta. It involves destroying a defense force protecting an oil base, without destroying the tanks themselves.


Our Military Command has decided to make the severing of the enemy supply route and annihilation of their war reserve our top priority.

Striking key production and supply points constitute an indirect assault against the enemy's war resources.

Your mission is to secure the oil refinery to the south of Gholanda.

The petroleum facility should prove an advantage to our invading forces, and you are ordered not to fire upon any of the related facilities.

In addition, we have reports of enemy air squads approaching in anticipation of our attack.

Secure the facility before their defenses are complete.


The first thing you should do right away is go after the C-5Bs. They constantly deploy Paratanks to further bolster the defenses of the plant. The tanks don't move once they hit the ground, but it's still a good idea to take out the C-5Bs. Keep in mind the tanks inside of the C-5Bs will actually shoot at you if you linger behind the plane for too long.

Once the C-5Bs are down, get to work cleaning up the ground forces. Avoid the Oil Tanks! If you destroy them, you lose a very minor amount of money, but it's still money, so don't blow them up. This is another fairly easy mission overall, though. Aiming at the enemy forces through the tanks isn't that difficult, they're not quick at all.

The enemy planes are also fairly numerous as well, so keep an eye on your back.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number Score
Missile Pod 3 6,000
M1 2 5,000
Paratank 10 5,000
F-5E Tiger II 2 30,000
F-16 Fighting Falcon 2 39,000
Tornado F3 2 36,000
A-10 Thunderbolt II 2 32,000
C-5B 2 40,000
Gun pod 4 4,500
Oil Tank 35 -5,000

Gallery (Enemy/NPCs)

Video (Walkthrough/Soundtrack)

Airforce Delta - Mission 10 Oil Refinery Seizure

Airforce Delta - Mission 10 Oil Refinery Seizure

Airforce Delta Deadly Skies Soundtrack 10

Airforce Delta Deadly Skies Soundtrack 10


  • The premise of this mission is very similar to the premises of Swordsmith and Power Play from Ace Combat 2, which also involved destroying enemy defense units while avoiding the destruction of other targets.
  • Defending the Zayno and The Quiet March from Airforce Delta Storm feature a C-72B which deploys tanks in a similar fashion to the C-5Bs in this level.
  • This level is tied with Mobile Infantry on Normal and Hard difficulty for having the most destructible targets in the game, at 66. However, Mobile Infantry has the most enemies you are allowed to destroy without penalty.
  • The term "Seizure" used for the title of this level is fairly awkwardly chosen; A seizure in real life is a medical condition. Although there is a term regarding the taking of something, it isn't used terribly often in modern diction within that context. A more fitting name for this level would be "Oil Refinery Takeover" or "Oil Refinery Capture".
  • Each C-5B drops a different colored paratank; the west C-5B drops green paratanks, and the east C-5B drops brown paratanks.


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