Nullify the Spy Planes is the second mission for Bellona Airbase in Airforce Delta Storm.


This mission is set in a large city with many buildings so you have to be careful taking out targets while flying through it. There are three circle-marked areas on the map with a T-72 MBT and a ZSU-23 AAA in each of them. In two of the three areas, one ground enemy is a target while the other is optional to destroy. In the remaining area, however, both ground enemies are targets. Each area is being reconnoitered by an RF-4. The RF-4s each fly slowly usually in a straight line, making them easy to shoot down, but they fly low to the ground and through the city, so, as mentioned above, be careful flying through the city while taking out targets. There are two Kfir C7s in the air and you have to shoot only one of them down. There are two F-20 Tigersharks. One of them behaves like a typical fighter jet and attacks you when you are in front of it, while the other flies similarly to the RF-4s. The mission is completed once all targets are destroyed/shot down.

Mission Objectives

  • Destroy/Shoot down all targets.


The reward for this mission is 60,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies taken out and, in the case of the planes, how they were taken out. The F-15C Eagle and the FC-1 Fighter China are unlocked for 250,000 credits and 210,000 credits respectively. The Crimson Sea is also unlocked.

Mission Dialogue


Olmeno City is currently being reconnoitered by United Forces spy planes. They are using the city buildings as a shield, so we cannot use our anti-aircraft artillery against them. You are being dispatched to Olmeno City to intercept and destroy the spy planes. You will be engaging the enemy within the confines of the city, so be as careful as you can. Over and out.

Mission Map

Delta Leader: (When mission is selected on the map) Our mission this time is to shoot down all target enemy.[sic] This battle will be in a city, so watch out for the buildings.

[no dialogue during mission]

Streets of Rust

Streets of Rust is the fifth mission for Agakles Airbase in Airforce Delta Storm.


The reward for this mission is 30,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies shot down and, in the case of the planes, how they were taken out. The Tornado IDS is unlocked for 200,000 credits.


  • The mentions of Olmeno City in the briefing are replaced with mentions of Haimos City.
  • Also, this mission appears to be set between the evening and the afternoon while Nullify the Spy Planes appears to be set between the morning and the afternoon.
  • There are more clouds in the sky and rain is present.
  • This mission shares its music with The Elite of the Desert, unlike Nullify the Spy Planes, which shares its music with Offensive in the Saice Canal.

Enemy List (both missions)

Enemy Unit Number Score
Kfir C7 1 15,500
F-20 Tigershark 2 17,000
RF-4 3 14,000
T-72 MBT 2 1,500
ZSU-23 AAA 2 1,000
Kfir C7 1 15,500
T-72 MBT 1 1,500
ZSU-23 AAA 1 1,000

Soundtrack (Nullify the Spy Planes)

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Soundtrack (Streets of Rust)

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Gallery (Both Missions)



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