This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission Night Blitz and its Intercept in Airforce Delta Strike.


Robert: Well, team... It's finally come to this. This mission is essential to the morale of the entire army. Don't let us down. Amelia? What's the situation?

Amelia: Let's see here. Your target is located in Armagest, a city under enemy control. It's Chiron, their orbital lift, which they're now using as a main supply channel. Currently our ground forces are involved in an assault on the area, but they're struggling. Here are your orders. All Delta units are to scramble immediately. Regain the airspace near the lift and assist the ground troops as they advance. That is all. In addition to the plasma barrier over the Chiron lift, we hear they've got a powerful new anti-air system set up, too. Army intel is reporting that they can only pick up the location of the system at specific intervals.

Lilia: So... aim for it whenever you can. But remember--we don't know much about this weapon, so don't let your guard down.

Holst: A plasma barrier and an anti-air system... We might have to come in low and weave between the buildings, then.

Lilia: [smiles] I think so, too. Unless you've got some kind of death wish, that is.

Pedro: Okay, so we support the ground troops. But what's their strategy?

Lilia: [turns neutral] With the anti-air system and all, it's still not officially confirmed. Once the army has a solid plan of attack, just follow Nomad's directives and go after the AAS. Once four of the six AA systems have been taken out, the army will start their attack. Don't make them wait too long, okay?

Rick: A low-altitude strike in broad daylight is gonna mean a lot of casualties, you know.

Lilia: [angry] Who said anything about daylight? This is a night mission.

Ruth: [angry] You can't expect us to hedgehop at night! That's crazy!

Lilia: [calms down] It is, isn't it? But that's exactly what Delta's for. Delta's job is to make the impossible possible. Now, your target is a critical enemy base. Their defense squad is highly trained, so be careful.

John: [smiles] Sounds fun. Finally a job I can sink my teeth into.

Ken: .......

Jamie: [smiles] All right, everyone! Let's show 'em what we've got!

Robert: Good, good. Delta units, let's do it for Armagest. But remember, these low-flying night missions are as dangerous as they get. Stay frosty and stay alive.

[briefing ends]

Encount (Night Blitz)

Amelia: Radar signals! Code red! Bandits!

Giuseppe: Hwa ha ha! I knew it! Just as I thought! Go! Time to take Delta down! Once and for all!

Amelia: Enemy is fanning out! All units intercept!

Ruth: (if playing as Ken, John, or Jamie) An ambush! That's a dirty trick!

Jamie: (if playing as Ruth, Rick, or Alex) What? An ambush? That's the damn OCC all right.

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or John) Ambush...? It's not gonna be much of a surprise. Get outta here, OCC!

John: (if playing as Ken) An ambush is a waste of time. Great opportunity for us to take a few of them though!

Rick: (if playing as Jamie or Alex) Give us a break! Jeez!

Alex: (if playing as Rick) Waste of time!

Sergei: Lizard, what's the plan?

Giuseppe: The plan? Simple. Doesn't take a genius to... Er...I didn't mean... Okay, Commander, I'll explain... This is Delta's patch. We're setting a trap for them. An ambush! Hwa ha ha!

Sergei: Y-you! You're not fit to call yourself a military man! Only someone like you...!

Giuseppe: Winning is the top priority. Sir.

(after approximately one minute and twenty-one seconds into the mission, the following five lines are said)

Sergei: Doesn't my name mean anything...?

Giuseppe: Die! Die now!

Sergei: Is this what the Emperor has come to?

Giuseppe: If you're gone, I'll be a hero!

Sergei: The boys are as good as the men! This is what you get for being unable to control Lizard...

Giuseppe: (after approximately one minute and forty seconds into the mission) All units, get them!

[after approximately one minute and fifty seconds into the mission, the following two lines are said]

Sergei: Screwing up with Lizard is going to cost me my life!

Giuseppe: Save me, and it'll be good for all of you!

[after approximately two minutes into the mission, the following two lines are said]

Sergei: Believe me! I didn't want this!

Giuseppe: Me! You'll honor me!

[after approximately two minutes and ten seconds into the mission, the following two lines are said]

Sergei: I can't stand these dirty tactics!

Giuseppe: The Emperor's time is over! Now it's my turn!

[after approximately two minutes and twenty seconds into the mission, the following four lines are said]

Sergei: Lizard, if you take my place then be strong!

Giuseppe: Hulk, you're not the tiger you thought you were!

Sergei: Have you got what it takes to be at the top, Lizard?

Giuseppe: Just fire! Anything goes now! (after approximately two minutes and forty seconds into the mission) It'll just be an accident if I shoot Hulk. (after approximately two minutes and fifty seconds into the mission) There's honor in dying as the founder of a new dawn, right?! (after approximately three minutes into the mission) Don't worry! It'll be on your gravestone! I'll tell your grandchildren about you! (after approximately three minutes and twenty-two seconds into the mission) I'm the one going back a hero! (after approximately three minutes and thirty seconds into the mission) You guys are just pawns! You should know your place! (after approximately three minutes and forty seconds into the mission) I'm a leader! D'you hear?! The Emperor's a relic of the past! Time for him to step down! (after approximately four minutes and one second into the mission) Follow me and live! Cross me and die! (after approximately four minutes and ten seconds into the mission) Anything Hulk could do, I can do better! (if shot down first) No way! Can't hold it?! Ejecting!

Sergei: (if Giuseppe is shot down first) Ha! A reward for your actions, I'd say. (if shot down after Giuseppe) Nooo! Not now! Ejecting! (if shot down before Giuseppe) Might have pushed it too far... Hulk bailing out!

Giuseppe: (if Sergei is shot down first) Ha ha ha! I'll handle the rest! (if shot down after Sergei) Aw crap! Too young to die! Ejecting!

Amelia: (after all targets are shot down) Radar signals have vanished! Continue with the mission. Get to the target area quick!

[intercept mission ends]


[pre-mission cutscene]

Amelia: Nomad to all units. Now approaching hot zone!

Ruth: (if playing as Ken, John, Jamie, or Holst) ...What in the world could it be?

Jamie: (if playing as Ruth, Rick, or Alex) Eh? What's that over there?

Holst: (if playing as Brian) Hey, Magician! What do you think that is?

John: (if playing as Ken, Ruth, or Rick) As if I know. A searchlight?

Rick: (if playing as Jamie or Alex) I wonder. Maybe a kind of sensor?

Pedro: (if playing as John or a 2nd Element character) Who knows? It could be some sort of sensor.

Ruth: (if playing as Ken, John, Jamie, or Holst) Nomad, this is Lilly. Request analysis.

Jamie: (if playing as Ruth, Rick, or Alex) ...I have no idea. What should we do?

Holst: (if playing as Brian) We can't just rush in at it. Let's see.

David: What are you doing?! The ground troops are tired of waiting! Our job is to TCB ASAP. Panther, Cougar!

Collette: Yes?

Constance: Yes, sir!

David: We're going in!

Collette: Roger that.

Constance: Roger!

Amelia: Python 1, analysis is incomplete. It's too dangerous!

David: I get paid to act, not to think. I'll leave that to you big-head desk jockeys! Me? I'm going in! [flies into the light of an AARS unit which changes from blue to red upon detecting him] What's this? [a laser is subsequently fired at David's plane, slicing off its left wing] Whoa!! [David ejects as the lasers split his plane into pieces]

Constance: Eeek!

Collette: Cougar! Move!

Constance: Panther! The barrier...!

[they fly into the anti-meteor plasma barrier and their planes are destroyed, though they survive]

Ruth: (if playing as Ken, John, or Jamie) Lilly to all units! Don't forget what we just saw. Now let's go!

Jamie: (if playing as Rick, Alex, or Holst) Damn fool kid! Running ahead like that... what a waste.

Holst: (if playing as Ruth or Brian) Idiot... Well, at least we know. All units, fly with caution!

[pre-mission cutscene ends]


Amelia: Your target is the enemy radar and defense units. Watch your altitude or you'll set off the anti-meteor plasma barrier. Stay away from the barrier at all costs.

1st Navy Officer: (if playing as Ken, John, Rick, or a 2nd Element character) 1st Navy here. We'll come in from the east on this one. Disable all radar on the eastern front.

Amelia: (if playing as Ken, John, Rick, or a 2nd Element character) 1st Navy, Nomad, roger. All Delta units, come in. Disable all four radar areas on the eastern front. Now forwarding target information.

1st Navy Officer: (if playing as Ruth, Jamie, or Alex) 1st Navy here. We'll take this mission from the west. Disable all radar on the western front.

Amelia: (if playing as Ruth, Jamie, or Alex) 1st Navy, Nomad, roger. All Delta units, come in. Disable all four radar areas on the western front. Now forwarding target information.

Operator: New enemy spotted in the area!

Officer: Switch on the anti-air radar system and show 'em what we're made of!

Operator: Roger. Now expanding AARS. ...Expansion complete.

Officer: Now make sure the energy generator stays intact!

Operator: Roger.

Amelia: The enemy has broadened the range of its air defense radar. Destroy the enemy generator without making radar contact. Watch out for the moving radar, too.

1st Navy Officer: 1st Navy to Delta. After the AARS fires for a while, it'll turn off to cool down. That's when the radar gun is at its most vulnerable. Watch your timing! Destroy 1 AARS radar and it'll go nuts and send out its central unit. Take care of that and all of its radars will turn off. Just take out all the radars, okay? We're counting on you.

Amelia: Nomad to all units. I have more info on your target. Alert! All Delta units, come in! The plasma barrier isn't the only air defense system in place. Pay close attention to your altitude.

Pierre: So you're the famous Delta! I had no idea I would run into you out here. I'm sick to death of boring ol' air skirmishes. I bet I'd have fun with you guys! C'mon, let's do this! What, you don't wanna play? What a drag! (if playing as a 3rd Element character) Hey, Mr. Blue Jet, not bad! (if playing as a 2nd Element character) Just go home like good losers!

John: (if playing as Ken or Ruth) Watch your mouth!

Ken: (if playing as John) You're not worth my time.

Pierre: (if playing as a 3rd Element character) You sure talk big, but trust me--no one could ever defeat me!

John: (if playing as Ken or Ruth) Shut up and take it like a man!

Ken: (if playing as John) Don't waste your breath!

Ruth: (if playing as Ken or John) Just calm down and take it easy!

Rick: (if playing as Jamie or Alex) Whoa! Now that's fast!

Pierre: (if playing as a 1st Element character) You have some real speed freaks, I see!

Alex: (if playing as Jamie) He really is fast.

Jamie: (if playing as Rick or Alex) But speed isn't everything, you know.

Pierre: (if playing as a 1st Element character) Ha ha ha! And you've got some slowpokes, too!

Rick: (if playing as Jamie or Alex) I'm not about to lose!

Alex: (if playing as Jamie) Accuracy is more important than speed, anyway.

Jamie: (if playing as Rick or Alex) Bah! As long as you're still standing at the end...

Pierre: (if playing as a 1st Element character) I don't care--I'll shoot you all down!

Brian: (if playing as Holst) How dare you! I can fly just fine!

Holst: (if playing as Brian) Greenhorn! Didn't they teach you to stay calm?

Pierre: (if playing as a 2nd Element character) Aw, how touching. Don't worry--I'll still take you all down!

Pedro: (if playing as a 2nd Element character) Enough monkey business--it's time to take your medicine.

Pierre: If you want to defeat me, you're gonna have to come after me! I heard you move pretty well! Well, I'm not half bad myself! And didn't one of you defeat Storm? I'm even stronger--how about taking me on? Yes! I just love to be amused! I'm awfully strong. After all, I'm a prodigy! Really, I barely have to try. All thanks to the Prodigy Plan... Wonder if you can beat me? The front is crawling with prodigies like me. That'd be a sight to see! No way would you guys win! Bow down to OCC's technology! Effort? Practice? Yesterday's news. The chosen one's like me are warriors for a new age! Doll's makeover was another waste of time. You Delta folks better realize... It's totally meaningless to fight me! But why is everyone on the defensive? You should just join the OCC. We've got way better technology, you know. You just can't keep up with our weapon production! Join us and you'll go beyond being human! Why would you want to cling to humanity...?

Amelia: (after any radar unit is destroyed for the first time) Destroy all radar units. The radar will turn off! Then you'll see the generator unit! Now forwarding data. This is our top priority. (after other radar units are destroyed afterwards, she may say this line on rare occasions) Radar unit destruction confirmed. Radar down. (after any generators that are optional targets are destroyed she will say this line) Generator unit destruction confirmed! Radar down! (when the player flies into the light of an AARS unit, she may say the following line on rare occasions) It's sensed you--it's attacking! Don't touch the radar cone!

[after one target generator is destroyed, the following ten lines will be said]

Operator: Th-the generator's busted!

Officer: What? What's going on?

Operator: Looks like they got it as it was cooling down.

Officer: So what does that mean?

Operator: It's a known issue--the output radiation is its weak point.

Officer: I thought this thing was totally invincible!

1st Navy: One radar area has been eliminated.

1st Navy Officer: All right, everyone, start boarding!

1st Navy: Roger!

Amelia: Generator unit destruction confirmed! Radar down!

[after two target generators are destroyed, the following three lines are said]

Operator: There goes another generator...

Officer: Arrrgh! Just take care of those jerks!

Amelia: Generator unit destruction confirmed! All radar down!

[after three target generators are destroyed, the following six lines are said]

Operator: We lost another generator. Only one left...

Officer: Hmm... You handle this. I'm going to look outside.

Operator: S-sir?

Officer: Good luck.

Operator: ...That old coot actually ran away. I can't believe it.

Amelia: Generator unit destruction confirmed! All radar down!

[after all four target generators are destroyed, the following six or seven lines are said]

Amelia: Generator unit destruction confirmed! All radar down!

1st Navy: Enemy radar eliminated!

1st Navy Officer: Great! That should help. All units, move out!

1st Navy: Roger!

Amelia: (if Pierre is not shot down at this point) Confirm radar down. Move out the refugees.

1st Navy Officer: We've got to get that elevator back! C'mon!

1st Navy: Yes, sir!

Pierre: (when shot down) Dammit! I won't forget this! I can't believe I have to run away! Imp here. Come get me at Point D36, on the double!

[mission ends]


[in meeting room]

Alex: Well, we met a strange enemy today, didn't we?

Rick: I've never seen an enemy as inflammatory as he. And that voice...he sounded quite young.

Jamie: Yup. He sounded even younger than Brian. Could that be possible? But by that voice, you'd really think so...

Holst: I wonder if they've started some kind of rapid training to fill in the ranks?

John: That pilot was no beginner, or he wouldn't have given me so much trouble. He was as good as the Emperor.

Holst: So you're[sic] think he has experience?

John: That is the only possible explanation. Otherwise, I would've been able to take him.

Ruth: Could he be part of some gifted pilot training program?

Lilia: [offscreen] It would take several years to train someone that well, even with a special program.

Ruth: [Lilia then appears onscreen] Gene manipulation, perhaps?

Lilia: Out of the question. Gene manipulation is too risky. Such results would be nothing short of miraculous.

Ruth: How do you know?

Lilia: Because all of my friends are failed cases. It must be some type of hyper-accelerated gifted program.

Holst: [horrified] Could OCC really do that?

Lilia: Are you kidding? The OCC sends pilots into battle that we had taken for dead. Their weapons designs are beyond understanding.

Brian: I realize the OCC has incredible scientific prowess, or at least a gift for applicable design.

Lilia: But intelligence reports from a few years ago suggest the technology gap was small. This must be a recent development.

Jamie: Is it possible to create such terrible things in such a short period of time?

Lilia: [angry] If they were instructed by the right person, it would be simple enough...

Rick: The right person? Who do you mean?

Lilia: [calms down] If I knew that, none of this would be an issue. But whoever it is, they must be quite a character. Well, we're getting nowhere fast with this talk. Let me tell you some good news instead.

Rick: What is it?

Lilia: [delightfully] A replenishment of supplies and materials has allowed us to lower the alert status. Pilots and select staff will get time off!

Rick: [delightfully] Time off?!

Lilia: It's a long-awaited break. So enjoy it, everybody. Dismissed!

[transitions to OCC side in the area where people go to speak to Navigator who is unseen in debriefings]

Pierre: What is it? I'm rather busy with my airplane maintenance...


Pierre: [smiles] Smoothly? Well, everything except those bozos who slowed us down while we were guarding Chiron Tower.


Pierre: It's not like they would be able to do anything there even if they captured it. Outer space is still our territory.


Pierre: Local resources should hold us through. The rest is in your hands. Because you can make instant ace pilots, right?


Pierre: [smiles and puts his hands on his hips] That, I thank you for. Now my abilities allow me to do things that ordinary humans can only dream of doing.


Pierre: [smiles with his hands behind his head again] Roger that. And no worries. Nobody is a match for me when I unleash my true power. I will be going now. [leaves]


Sergei: ...

Giuseppe: ...


Sergei: You are absolutely correct. This is our responsibility.

Giuseppe: [upset] But, sir! If you just would have gone along with my plan, I'm confident that we would have seen results!


Sergei: I'm prepared to accept my punishment. In return, I don't want Giuseppe or the people of Merv to be involved.

Giuseppe: [angry] An investigation of the mission will reveal the reason for its failure! I refuse to accept responsibility!


Giuseppe: [calms down and smiles] Then, I too, must be...


[debriefing ends]

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