"Operation Jackpot" Night Blitz is a mission for all elements of Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike.


The E.D.A.F. ground troops are trying to attack the city of Armagest, which is under the O.C.C. control, in order to regain control of the Chiron Lift which the O.C.C. is now using as main supply channel. The E.D.A.F. ground troops are struggling and in need of assistance. A powerful new anti-air system is also set up in Armagest and Delta Squadron is tasked to destroy the anti-air system and help the ground troops as they advance. During the mission, Delta encounters Pierre Gallo who is required to be shot down. Eventually, Delta destroys four of the six AA systems and the army starts their attack, regaining control of the orbital lift.


Quite a complicated mission; a lot of elements are present within the level that need to be unpacked. Firstly, as the intro cutscene demonstrates, the large blue radar emissions generated by the AARS units. Flying into these units causes them to turn red, firing homing lasers at you. Secondly, there is an altitude restriction. Two, in fact; flying too high will have you crash into the anti-meteor plasma barrier, indicated by a large grid. A second, unstated danger, flying above the AARS units will cause the turrets sitting on the units to rapidly fire lasers at your craft, which can deal severe amounts of damage incredibly quickly. ALWAYS keep your altitude low around the AARS units! Once the AARS Generator for that pack of units is destroyed, it is safe to fly above it, but before then, don't!

To destroy the generator itself, you must wait for an AARS unit to stop "firing" its radar. Once the blue emission vanishes, the AARS unit can be targeted. Each AARS unit has a particular "pattern" to their firing; sometimes, two units fire at once. At others, one unit fires at a time and it quickly changes. Find the right opportunity to destroy an AARS unit.

Once a single unit has been destroyed, the AARS generator will rise from the center of the pack of units, with three barriers surrounding it. The barriers will stop in random places, which can make attacking fairly awkward, as you must shoot around the barrier with missiles or guns to damage the generator itself. The generator will not remain up forever, unless all AARS units in the area have been destroyed... Generally. The mission can be very buggy and suddenly allow the AARS Generator to retract should you be "too aggressive" in destroying the units. If you want to kill everything, to be safe, wait to destroy the last unit until after the Generator returns into the ground, and then once the unit is destroyed, make sure you destroy the generator quickly. Weapons with splash damage like Rocket Pods or any type of bomb can also be heavily effective; the splash damage ignores the barriers, so you can merely drop a bomb against the wall and destroy the generator no problem. Once the AARS Generator is destroyed, the remaining Units surrounding the generator will automatically deactivate. However, this prevents you from directly destroying the units directly, so if you want the extra score, destroy the generator last. Of the six AARS sections, only four of them are targets, and which ones are targets can vary depending on which Element you're playing.

Once you've destroyed the AARS Units, that just leaves Pierre, who's flying around in a MiG-33 "Fulcrum". However, he's not difficult to shoot down; he flies around in a fixed pattern, through the AARS system and the base of the Chiron lift. He'll fly through several untargetable AARS units as well, so bear that in mind when you chase him down.

Once Pierre and the required AARS units are destroyed, the mission ends.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
AARS Unit 16* B 8,000
AARS Generator 4 B 1,000
AARS Unit 8* B 8,000
AARS Generator 2 B 1,000
MiG-23ML "Flogger G" 3 C 28,000
MiG-29SMT "Fulcrum C" 3 C 33,000
Pierre 1 D 49,000


The reward for this mission is 80,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies taken out and the type of weapon used to take them out. The ability to go on to Phase 7 with the mission Tiger's Cave is also unlocked.


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  • If the player destroys all four radar units of an AA system and does not destroy the generator in time, it will sink back into the ground and will still be marked as a target, but will be impossible to destroy or make rise since the four radar units were all destroyed, making it impossible to complete this mission.

Video (Walkthrough/Soundtrack)


  • Which AARS units are required depends on which character you're playing as.
  • This is the last mission in the game to introduce an O.C.C. ace (Pierre Gallo).


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