"This missile can lock on up to 6 ground targets at a time. It's convenient but watch how many bullets[sic?] you have."
Harry's description of this weapon in the shop.

The Multi-Lock Air-to-Surface Missile is a missile-type special weapon in Airforce Delta Strike. It is, ostensibly, a ground-oriented version of the ML-AAM. Like the anti air version, this weapon can lock up to six targets at once, and deals a hefty amount of damage per-missile. However, this is strictly for anti ground use, as it will not target aircraft. This weapon, when selected, doesn't modify the HUD in any meaningful way, aside from the weapon swap.

This weapon is incredibly rare, one of the rarest among normal aircraft, only appearing on one normal plane and a fictional plane. This weapon costs a fairly high amount of money; 70,000 credits to purchase for the F-16XL, and 60,000 credits for the MX5000.

This weapon is one of three special weapons to be used by both normal craft and a super plane. The MX5000 uses this weapon, and possesses a vastly increased ammo count (100 vs 18). This also makes it one of the few special weapons to have an ammo difference amongst planes.


It's a multi-locking ASM, in short. Like the ML-AAM, it will lock onto six ground targets at once, and each missile deals a hefty amount of damage. Unlike the ML-AAM, this is far more effective, since ground targets have poor mobility and cannot dodge the missiles effectively. It's best used on large, spread out groups of enemies. However, when using it for the F-16XL, watch the ammo, as it is fairly limited. It's also so rare that you're forced to use the F-16XL or the MX5000. So if you dislike both of those planes, then you simply cannot use this weapon.


  • Great at anti ground operations
  • Deals with spread out enemies effectively
  • Deals large amount of damage; can one shot most ground targets with a single missile


  • Can only be used on ground targets
  • Even fewer missiles than other missile type weapons (18 vs 20)
  • Absurdly rare; only shows up on the F-16XL and the MX5000
  • Situations exist where using a bomb-type weapon would be more practical and get the job done with only one shot used as opposed to up to six


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