"This missile can lock on up to 6 ground targets at a time. It's convenient but watch how many bullets[sic?] you have."
Harry's description of this weapon for planes other than the Jerry Mouse in the shop. This description is incorrect; it is actually the description of ML-ASMs.
"This missile can lock on up to 6 aircrafts[sic]. It practically has no guiding capability, so you need skills to use this right."
Harry's description of the Jerry Mouse's ML-AAMs in the shop.

The Multi-Lock Air-to-Air Missile is a missile-type special weapon in Airforce Delta Strike. This weapon locks onto multiple different aircraft, up to six at once. The missiles also deal very heavy damage. However, these missiles aren't nearly as accurate as HM-AAMs or LR-AAMs, meaning they can be easily dodged. This weapon, when selected, doesn't modify the HUD in any meaningful way, aside from the weapon swap; the only difference is you can lock onto multiple opponents.

This weapon generally costs a fairly high amount of money; 70,000 credits to purchase for all aircraft except for the Jerry Mouse, which actually costs fewer credits (60,000).

This weapon is one of three special weapons to be used by both normal craft and a super plane. The Jerry Mouse uses this weapon, and possesses a vastly increased ammo count (80 vs 18). This also makes it one of the few special weapons to have an ammo difference amongst planes.


ML-AAMS... Are hard to recommend. They do a lot of damage, and the multi lock is cool, but... They're very easy to avoid by most higher-tier baddies. It's best to use this on groups of slow-flying craft, such as bombers. They can also be decent at the space missions, such as Skirmish or Rush Into the Red Star considering the fixed, easy flight patterns of the air enemies. Of course, these instances are infrequent, soooo... Yeah...


  • Deals heavy damage
  • Multi locking
  • Longer lock-on range than normal missiles but not as long as LR-AAMs


  • Cannot be used on ground targets
  • Poor accuracy
  • Even fewer missiles than other missile type weapons (18 vs 20)


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