"Operation Crimson Emperor" Mother Ship is the presumed final mission for Delta Squadron 3rd Element in Airforce Delta Strike.


The E.D.A.F. have finally pinpointed the exact location of the enemy's true fortress; a large, floating structure located near the Mars polar caps. Lilia is actually hesitant to send them out, as all spy elements sent to gather intel on the fortress have all been destroyed, as such there is no true info on the target. However, 3rd Element convinces her to send them, as, in their words, there are never guarantees in war. Lilia finally agrees, and they go out to destroy the fortress.

After destroying the Core Dome, the rocks surrounding the fortress all fall away, revealing a large, strange crystalline portal. Delta realizes the battle isn't over yet, and proceed inside the portal for their final battle.


Firstly, you have to wait around a bit for the actual targets to appear. You don't even need to bother with the topside of the fortress itself; the targets are all located on the bottom of the fortress. Going up top is bad; several R-Mites and Laser Batteries will attack you as soon as you draw near. Instead, simply sit near the bottom and destroy the Energy Cores. Be careful when you destroy them; the rocks near the Cores will break apart and fly around, which you can crash into if you aren't careful. After destroying the five Energy Cores, a new target will appear; another Energy Core, this one known as the Core Dome, will appear. The dome surrounding the core will open up, allowing you to destroy it. None of the Cores actually attack, so destroy them at your leisure.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Core Dome 1 A -
Energy Core 5 A -
Laser Battery 10 A -
Type-S3: SBB 5 A -
Type-AL: R-Mite 13 A -
Battery X A -
Type-F4: F-32P 16 A -


There are no actual rewards for this mission; after completing this mission, you are immediately put into Inside.


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  • This is the only mission in Phase 13 that is not an actual final mission.
  • None of the enemies have scores in this mission, and their names are only revealed by playing this mission again in Free Mission mode.
  • If the Block Shooter's All Delete Block is used for this level during the campaign, the cutscene will play out like normally. However, upon starting Inside, the Block Shooter you are controlling will not only be lacking the All Delete Block as well as any Blocks you may have fired, but it will literally have one HP, rendering the level nigh impossible to complete without using the Konami Code to restore the Block Shooter's HP.


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