"This missile can use[sic] for multi purpose. But, it's not strong engouh[sic]"
Harry's description of this weapon in the shop.

The Missile is a unique special weapon in Airforce Delta Strike which can only be used by the F-86L SabreJet. Ostensibly, it is an HM-AAM that can also be used on ground targets. This weapon, when selected, doesn't modify the HUD in any meaningful way, aside from the weapon swap.


The Missile is, as mentioned, an HM-AAM that can also be used on ground targets. It possesses the same thin trail as the HM-AAM, and possesses its superior homing capability. It also possesses double the ammo count of the HM-AAM, at forty missiles. However, this is still fewer than the standard missile count of 70. Not to mention, the weapon itself deals fairly low damage, requiring multiple missiles to bring down most targets, which means ammo disappears quickly. It's the only homing weapon in Jamie Jones's arsenal, and sadly, it's not exactly great.


  • Can be used for both air and ground combat
  • Higher ammo than other missile type special weapons (40 vs 20 or 18)
  • Highly accurate, basically an improved normal missile


  • Poor damage
  • Lower ammo than other standard missiles (40 vs 70 or 80)
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