Military Supply Base is the third mission in the original Airforce Delta. It's the first level to have a focus on anti-ground attack. It also has a secret attached to it that not a lot of people know about...


We have been tricked.

The enemy fleet was nothing more than a diversion while they made their move from another direction.

The enemy now has control of the largest of our military supply bases.

Your mission is to destroy the seized supply base and ensure that it is as useless to them as it is to us.

You have the command's go-ahead to decimate the facility.


Compared to the previous mission, this level is quite a bit more straightforward and simple. The time limit isn't strict anymore, and the enemies aren't nearly as dangerous. When it comes to the rows of Tank Trucks, just shoot one. The explosion it causes will destroy the others, and you'll get money for each and every one of them.

As for the plants themselves, despite being "one of the largest military supply bases", they're surprisingly scarcely defended. Only a few tanks are scattered about, and they serve little threat to your plane.

BUT! This is an important thing - You notice the one enemy in this level that doesn't fit in with the rest? The English Electric Lightning. There's only a single of them in the entire level. Innocuous enough, correct?

But that specific enemy has a secret to it. If you shoot it down with vulcans, you unlock... The English Electric Lightning for purchase! For reference, to normally unlock this plane, you have to complete the game on hard mode. This is a far simpler alternative. Just shoot down the E.E.L with vulcans and it's yours to purchase! Y'know... Once you get the 8,000,000 credits necessary to buy that plane. Needless to say, you won't be buying this plane for a long time. But hey, doing this method is better than tearing your hair out trying to beat the nigthmarishly difficult "Hard mode".

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number Score
Tank Truck 15 2,000
Facility 4 6,500
English Electric Lightning/F6 1 38,000
F-5E Tiger II 1 30,000
MiG-21 Fishbed 1 33,000
Kfir C.7 2 31,000
F-4E Phantom II 2 36,000
Leopard 2 5,000
M1 3 5,000

Gallery (Enemy/NPCs)

Video (Walkthrough/Soundtrack)


  • This is the first level where there is a secret plane to unlock.
  • The enemy F-4Es in this level have a paint scheme strikingly similar to the player character's F-4E from Ace Combat 2.
  • The music track that plays in this level was remixed for Tiger's Cave from Airforce Delta Strike.
  • The music track in this level was also used for the Japanese trailer for Airforce Delta.


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