The MiG-21d7 Fishbale is a fictional variation of the MiG-21bis Fishbed that appears exclusively in Airforce Delta Storm.


As you can see, this aircraft looks almost nothing like the MiG-21. Outside of some slight detail similarities, namely the single engine, this plane has no similarities. It has an incredibly odd wing structure, being very wide and spanning the entire craft, sharply curving outward towards the wingtips. It also has three vertical stabilizers as opposed to the single stabilizer of the MiG-21.


Average overall. Compared to the MiG-II, stats are overall inferior in many departments, but unlike the MiG-II, this thing has more than twenty missiles. Fifty, in fact. Which means that it is more practical to use than the MiG-II overall. And the stats, outside of defense, aren't that much worse anyways. It also possesses an additional range compared to the MiG-II. Not bad for a plane unlocked fairly early on for free, but it will be outclassed fairly quickly.


Type Stats
Attack: Medium-low
Defense: Medium-low (2700 HP)
Speed: High
Power: Medium
Mobility: Medium (!)
Missile: 50
Ability: No
Range: 4
  • (!) - Mobility stat is Medium-high in the PAL version.

Enemy Appearances (Missions)



  • Its outlandish appearance aside, Fisbale's tailless configuration is loosely based on MiG-21I "Analog" test-bed platform.
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