"This experimental large fighter has superb maneuverability and stealth capabilities! Cool, right? That explains the price. Wow."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The MiG-1.44 MFI is a plane that has appeared in all three Airforce Delta games. In real life, the Mikoyan Project 1.44 was a project by Mikoyan to create a fighter in response to the US's Advanced Tactical Fighter project (Which would spawn the infamous F-22 Raptor). However, the project was met with a bevy of problems, including funding (Mostly as a result of the fall of the Soviet Union) and engine issues, and was eventually put to bed. It is the signature plane of Zan Daas, the antagonist of the original Airforce Delta. It was also used by an unnamed ace from Airforce Delta Storm, and lastly, is used by Leon Kleiser and Ken Thomas in Airforce Delta Strike.


Airforce Delta

It has a different design in this game compared to later games in the series; It has a slightly altered look (More curved frame near the wings, slightly longer profile overall). It actually more closely resembles the fictional MiG-31 Firefox as seen in the 1982 film Firefox. This is partly owed to the MFI's full design not being known at the time of this game's release.


In Storm and Strike, the MFI has a much more realistic design; straighter wings and a slightly smaller profile. The craft has large delta wings, two tall vertical stabilizers, and two massive rear engines.


Airforce Delta

In Airforce Delta, this plane is the last plane in the lineup. It is unlocked by one of two ways; Either completing the game on Normal difficulty, or finishing Zan Daas off with vulcans on any difficulty. (He can be attacked with missiles, but the killing blow must be done with vulcans for this to count!) It is a very good plane, but it is overall outclassed by the F-22 Raptor; compared to the Raptor, power and mobility are lower. So despite being the plane of choice of the final boss, it's actually worse than a plane you'll already have. And it costs a whopping 5 million credits on top of that. Ouch.

Airforce Delta Storm

In this game, its stats have noticeably improved since the last game; Defense, Power, and Mobility are now maximum, making it one of the best planes in the game, discounting super planes like the Phosphorus. As a result, this plane is a top tier craft, and the fact that you earn the thing for free further cements its status as such.

Airforce Delta Strike

In this game, compared to AFD Storm, its stats have been nerfed significantly. It is arguably closer to its original counterpart in terms of stats, having maximum Thrust, and decent stats all around otherwise. However, it now has a special weapon in the form of the almighty LR-AAM. Overall, it is one of Ken's best planes, thanks in part to its good stats, and impressive special weapon. Stats may not be as high as the F/A-22 Raptor, but this plane doesn't have internal bomb-bays for its standard missiles (Only its LR-AAMs, oddly), which is a large plus for it.


Airforce Delta

Speed: Maximum

Power: Very high

Defense: Medium-high

Mobility: Very high

Airforce Delta Storm

Attack: Medium-high

Defense: Maximum (5900 HP)

Speed: Very high

Power: Maximum

Mobility: Maximum

Missile: 80

Ability: No

Range: 5

(There are no differences in stats between the US version and the PAL version)

Airforce Delta Strike

(Clockwise starting from top)

Anti Air Attack: Medium-high

Mobility: Medium-high

Defense: Medium (2500 HP)

Anti Ground Attack: Medium

Thrust: Maximum

Speed: Medium-high

Notable Appearances

Airforce Delta

Airforce Delta Storm

  • An unnamed United Forces ace piloting this craft appears as the lone target in the third ace battle The Elite of the Desert.

Airforce Delta Strike


Airforce Delta

Airforce Delta Storm

Airforce Delta Strike


  • In all games it has appeared in, it has never been used by a normal enemy; It is only ever used by aces (Zan Daas, Leon Kleiser, Ken Thomas, etc).
  • Zan Daas' MFI has the same basic design to its paint scheme as the players, and even the same emblems; the only difference is the color scheme (Zan Daas' is blue and white, while the player's is red and yellow). The emblems are the same, but the one located on the inside of his vertical stabilizer is colored red, while the player's is colored yellow (Most likely thanks to the craft already being predominantly red).
  • Despite appearing in multiple promotional materials and even appearing in one cutscene, the MiG-1.44 is never used by the E.D.A.F. Regular Air Force in normal gameplay.
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