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Meteor Structure is a mission for 1st and 3rd Elements of Delta Squadron in Airforce Delta Strike.


After the Chiron Lift was destroyed, Delta has been tasked with undoing the action and protecting the anti-meteor plasma barrier from the falling fragments of the lift. A flabbergasted squadron asks how they're supposed to destroy all the falling chunks of the elevator, but it is quickly clarified that they don't need to deal with the smaller ones; only target the larger ones that are a much greater threat to the barrier. If this mission is failed, a disaster would obviously occur. Delta Squadron is deployed to destroy the large fragments and they manage to succeed.


A fairly simple mission; this mission is quite similar to Flames from the Sky in Airforce Delta Storm in that you must attack large objects that are descending upon three specific points. However, it's a smidge more complicated than that mission, as these structures vary. Point A structures are very simple; just destroy them. Point B structures break into a few smaller pieces when destroyed; again, fairly simple, just be careful not to get too aggressive in attacking them and smash into them. Finally, there is but a single Point C structure; it is huge, and breaks into many smaller pieces that also break into smaller pieces still. Thankfully, it will generally show up after you've destroyed the majority of the other Point Structures, and even if it does show up while others are on the field, it spawns at an absurdly high altitude, so it's easy to ignore until the others are destroyed.

In addition, you don't have to protect the barrier from ALL of the Point Structures; you can let a few of the smaller ones smash into the barrier if you need to prioritize a larger one. However, the Point C structure, if it isn't destroyed at all, WILL immediately smash through the barrier, so don't let it.

In addition, the only other enemies on this level are tiny structures that don't do anything, and Albert. Albert will basically get instantly melted by your Delta allies, so he can be safely ignored. It's honestly more of a challenge to kill him considering your allies... Overall, this is a fairly simple mission.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Structure (Point A) 6 A 4,000
Structure (Point B) 2 A 4,000
Structure (Point C) 1 A 4,000
Structure 1 A 4,000
Albert 1 B 66,000


The reward for this mission is 120,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies taken out and the type of weapon used to take them out. The ability to progress to Phase 11 is unlocked, alongside either Departure or Decision, depending on if Jamie's sidequest is completed.


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  • The concept of this mission is incredibly similar to Flames from the Sky from Airforce Delta Storm. In both missions, you must destroy descending objects (Missiles in Storm, Structures in Strike) that descend upon three different points on a map. The differences in this mission, outside of the targets themselves, are that not all of the targets have to be destroyed, the altitude is much higher, and there is only one enemy fighter as opposed to four.
  • The YAL-1 ABLs in this level will visibly fire yellow lasers at the structures.


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