"This is a high-performance missile with a sophisticated tracking system. But beware that this can only be used for targets in the air."
Harry's description of this weapon for planes other than the Falsion in the shop; note that this description is reused from the HM-AAM.
"This missile can be launched from a further distance compared to a regular missile."
Harry's description of the Falsion's LR-AAMs in the shop.

The Long-Ranged Air-to-Air Missile is a missile-type special weapon in Airforce Delta Strike. This weapon is basically a straight improvement over the High-Maneuvering Air-to-Air Missile; these missiles have the same maneuverability as the HM-AAM, but also feature improved lock-on range and increased damage. The missiles have the same thin exhaust as the HM-AAMs. This weapon, when selected, doesn't modify the HUD in any meaningful way, aside from the weapon swap.

This weapon generally costs a fairly high amount of money, 50,000 credits for most craft.

This weapon is one of three special weapons to be used by both normal craft and a super plane. The Falsion uses this weapon, and possesses a vastly increased ammo count (80 vs 20). This also makes it one of the few special weapons to have an ammo difference amongst planes.


The go-to anti air weapon in the game. This weapon has it all; absurdly long lock-on range, high damage that generally one-shots most normal enemies, and the same incredible homing capability as the HM-AAMs. The only downside is that it can't target ground targets, but seriously, that's barely a problem since you've got 70 or so backup missiles for said targets if you so need. This is the best anti air special weapon in the game, bar none. Any plane that has this will (generally) be an anti-air powerhouse. Especially the terrifying Su-37.


  • Great at anti air combat
  • Highly accurate against air targets
  • Can be used identically to normal missiles
  • Very long lock-on range
  • Very high damage


  • Cannot be used on ground targets
  • Only 20 missiles for most craft


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