This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission Lone Wolf in Airforce Delta Strike.


Atlas: Atlas calling all units. Picking up radar signals. One vessel.

Ganos: One?! Who do they think they're dealing with?!

Ganos: It's only one...but it's a Delta unit. Stay alert!

Atlas: Atlas to all units. The target is a single Delta unit.

Ganos: Let's get this over with and go get a drink!

Ganos: Copy.

Francine: You really alone? You must be tough, huh.

Jake: Miss, that's no big deal.

Francine: Butler! Stop calling me miss!

Jake: ...Sorry, Celestial.

Francine: I wonder if that guy's up for a challenge? This is Celestial. So, d'you wanna have some fun?!

[after a plane other than the A-50 "Mainstay" or Francine or Jake is shot down, the following four lines are said]

Francine: Butler, this guy is great!

Jake: It looks like he's alone. That should keep you happy.

Francine: Give me all you've got! Bring it on!

Jake: Let Celestial have her fun.

[after a second plane other than the A-50 "Mainstay" or Francine or Jake is shot down, the following two lines are said]

Francine: This is great! I can't get enough!

Jake: It's been a while since I've seen you this happy! Celestial's always hungry for a fight. Don't screw around while she's enjoying herself.

[after approximately two minutes and seventeen seconds into the mission, the following four lines are said]

Francine: I won't forget this fight in a hurry, Butler!

Jake: Sure.

Francine: Find out who this guy is, will you?

Jake: Copy.

[after approximately two minutes and twenty-eight seconds into the mission, the following three lines are said]

Francine: I'm not looking for a kill! It's the chase I'm after!

Jake: With your skill, the chase might not last so long.

Francine: No, this guy's different. I can sense it!

Francine: (after approximately two minutes and forty-five seconds into the mission) Pilots! Be careful or be dead!

[after approximately two minutes and fifty-seven seconds into the mission, the following four lines are said]

Francine: Butler, tea as usual later, right?

Jake: Yes. Some tea and let's not forget the scones.

Francine: Mmm. I can't wait!

Jake: Copy.

[after approximately three minutes and fourteen seconds into the mission, the following three lines are said]

Francine: Butler, these sights are a little too forgiving.

Jake: ...I'm sorry. I'll fix it as soon as we're back.

Francine: Thanks.

[after approximately three minutes and twenty-six seconds into the mission, the following five lines are said]

Francine: Look, Butler. Look at the way he flies!

Jake: ...Yeah, great!

Francine: What, don't you think so?

Jake: Maybe your judgment's a bit clouded?!

Francine: No way!

Francine: (if shot down first) Damn! That's it! I've gotta bail! Butler, it's up to you, okay?

Jake: (if Francine is shot down first) Miss!

Francine: (if shot down first) I'll be fine. You just take care of this.

Jake: (if Francine is shot down first) Roger, miss! (if shot down after Francine) Dammit! Just lost concentration for a second... Bailing out! (if shot down before Francine) Sorry, but I'm bailing out.

Francine: (if Jake is shot down first) Ooh! Butler! Not bad! (if shot down after Jake) That's all I've got! Punching out!

[after approximately five minutes into the mission or after Francine and/or Jake are shot down, Ruth and Ken will appear and the remaining enemy planes will withdraw and the following lines will be said]

Ruth: Wolf! Status?

Ken: You caused a hell of a mess...

Ruth: Crow, orbit and backup Wolf. I'll keep the bandits in check.

Ken: Roger. Well that's about it.

Atlas: Enemy backup confirmed. Counting 2.

Francine: (if neither she nor Jake are shot down by this point) Oh? Some friends perhaps?

Jake: (if neither he nor Francine are shot down by this point) Backup...? Can't say our chances look too good, huh...

Francine: (if neither she nor Jake are shot down by this point) This isn't good. No choice... Disengaging. [flees the battlefield]

Jake: (if neither he nor Francine are shot down by this point) Out of options. Disengaging. [flees the battlefield]

Ruth: Crow, Wolf, this is Lilly. About to hit bingo fuel. Disengage and leave the hot zone. Listen, these are orders! No exceptions! Leave the fly zone now!

Ken: Roger that.

Ruth: (if not leaving the mission zone after this point) Wolf! What are you doing?! But out now! (if leaving the mission zone after this point) Confirming Wolf has left the zone. Heading for home plate.

[mission ends]


[in hangar]

Lilia: Welcome back.

John: [smiles] Well, well. Don't see you here to welcome us back all that often.

Lilia: The Commander's here, too.

Robert: Well, you certainly did it this time, John.

John: Oh, hey, Commander.

Ruth: [sadly] I'm so sorry, Commander Williams! I failed in my supervisory duties...!

John: [troubled] Hey! I don't need no "supervising" from you, Lilly. Let's just get that straight right now.

Ruth: [angry] Lieutenant Rundal! Would you please keep just quiet!

Robert: No need to worry, Ruth. We're willing to overlook his conduct today, and we're certainly not faulting you.

Ruth: Overlook it?! But why, Commander?!

Robert: Because it didn't do any harm. The mission was a success, and we sustained zero damage.

Ruth: But Lieutenant Rundal was clearly disobeying orders!

John: [stubbornly] ...Can we just move this along?

Ruth: What?!

John: [frowns] I've got something I want to ask Lilia and the Commander. I need some info on an enemy...

Ruth: But Lieutenant Rundal!

Robert: Go ahead, John. I'm listening.

John: There was this prey out there, a woman. Guy was calling her "miss." She's... interesting. Any intel on her?

Robert: Well, it's kind of hard to say, from that description... I'll see what I can find out, though.

John: Thanks. [leaves]

Robert: Did you hear that, Lilia? John thought one of the enemies was "interesting"!

Lilia: Yeah... I can't believe it either. Wonder what happened? They were all just "prey" to him before.

Ken: I guess this one sparked his interest... Well, I guess I'd better get some rest. Sir. Lilia.

Robert: Sparked his interest, huh...? [Ken leaves]

Lilia: Looks like debriefing John is out. Guess I'll just have to review his plane cam... Oh, that'll be all, Lieutenant Valentine.

Ruth: [calms down] ...Yes, ma'am! Excuse me.

[transitions to O.C.C. side in their meeting room]

Francine: Phew...

Jake: You must be tired, miss.

Francine: [smiles] Oh, Jake! Nice work out there.

Jake: [sadly] Not as nice as I hoped. I wish I could've backed you up more.

Francine: You did just fine. It's been a long time since I had such a worthy opponent! That was a battle to remember!

Jake: [turns neutral] You really seem infatuated with that one today, miss.

Francine: [delightfully] I think I've fallen in love. I mean, those rolls of his! Those loops! Every movement so perfectly performed! It was battle art! It was really a pleasure to fight with a guy like that.

Jake: [irritated] ...But just make sure you take care of him in the end, miss. I can't have anything happen to you...

Francine: [smiles] Of course I plane to win eventually! But with a guy like that, just chasing each other around is half the fun!

Jake: [calms down] Don't toy with him too much, miss. I don't want your father getting concerned about you...

Francine: My, goodness, Jake! You are a worrywart, aren't you?

Jake: Worrying is my job, miss.

Francine: I'll take care of him the next time we meet, okay? I can see him now--going down in flames after a glorious air battle.

Jake: [irritated] I'd prefer if the air battle didn't get too "glorious". I'd rather take care of things myself, actually.

Francine: [frowns] Well, never mind all that, Jake. Just take care of that little thing I asked you about, okay?

Jake: [calms down] Finding out who that guy is? I already put in a request for information. I don't know if we'll find out anything, though...

Francine: [smiles] But he's my target, the man I'm going to shoot down! I've got to at least know his name, right? Tell them to hurry!

Jake: Yes, miss.

Francine: [delightfully] Just you wait, my wolf-like hunter. I'll be there to take care of you soon. Don't let anything happen to you before that!

[debriefing ends]


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