"Operation Raccoon Hunt" Lone Wolf is a secret mission for John Rundal in Airforce Delta Strike. A derivative of this mission, called Far Behind, is played from Ken Thomas and Ruth Valentine's point of view.


The area next to Delta Squadron has the fighter squad that's closest to their targets (tornado generators). While all other Delta pilots make a detour through there to deal with the tornado generators, John Rundal heads to this area to deal with the fighter squad in an effort to improve his score. The dialogue in the Intercept mission before Twister changes if John is being played as. Enemies in this mission are Jian-Ji 8 "Finback A"s, Jian-Ji 8IIM "Finback B"s, Jian-Ji 7 MGs, Francine Davout, Jake Emerson, both piloting MiG-31BM "Foxhounds", and an A-50 "Mainstay". After some fighting, Ken Thomas and Ruth Valentine eventually show up and everyone bugs out.

Mission Objectives


The reward for this mission is 60,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies shot down as well as the type of weapon used. John's F-106A Delta Dart is also unlocked for 105,000 credits.


Airforce Delta Strike - Phase 4 - Mission 34 "Operation Raccoon Hunt" Lone Wolf

Airforce Delta Strike - Phase 4 - Mission 34 "Operation Raccoon Hunt" Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf begins at 8:59.


  • Completing this mission instead of Twister prevents the mission Priority from appearing for unknown reasons.
  • The A-50 "Mainstay" that appears in this mission does not appear in Far Behind. The reasons for this are also unknown.
  • The area used for this mission and Far Behind is also used for some Stand By missions.
  • Shooting down Francine Davout and/or Jake Emerson in this mission causes Ken Thomas and Ruth Valentine to show up sooner than usual.