"Although this is a release-type, you can lock on to drop toward a target. Even without locking on, it is as powerful as unguided bombs because you can damage surroundings as well."
Harry's description of this weapon in the shop.

The Large Guided Bomb is a bomb-type special weapon in Airforce Delta Strike. The Large Guided Bomb is essentially an upgrade to the Small Guided Bomb; it is ostensibly the same weapon, but it now has splash damage more befitting a normal bomb. This, alongside the other positives the SGB had, immediately skyrockets the LGB into being a top tier weapon. Upon selecting the weapon, a pip will appear on the ground, indicating an estimate of where the bomb will land. Unlike other bomb-type special weapons, however, when an enemy is in lock-on range, the pip will target the enemy and turn red, locking onto them like a missile lock.

This weapon is slightly more common than the SGB, appearing on four aircraft. It costs 50,000 credits on all four aircraft.


It's the SGB but better. It has the exact same benefits as that weapon (x3 cash bonus with a lock on effect), only with the added bonus of having decent splash damage. As a result, it's a lock-on bomb that can also serve as a normal bomb when you need it, making it a very versatile weapon for just a bomb. The best bomb type weapon in the game, hands down. You really can't go wrong with a lock-on bomb that has splash damage.


  • Great at anti ground operations
  • Weapon is a guided bomb; this will always get a x3 cash bonus upon a kill, combined with locking on
  • Deals heavy damage to ground targets
  • Decent splash radius, unlike the SGB


  • Impossible to use on air targets, unless you practically fly into them to release the bomb on top of them
  • Less ammo than unguided bombs; 20 vs 50
  • Weapon cannot adjust aim in mid flight; if fired at a moving target, it is possible for the weapon to miss


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