"This interceptor is a speed demon. You'll love the way it turns on a dime. But what really makes it special is this price."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The Shenyang J-8 (NATO reporting name of Finback A) is a Chinese interceptor that was designed to intercept high-altitude bombers, such as the B-58 Hustler, as the current J-7 was incapable of doing so. However, a multitude of turmoils politically (Notably the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution) stopped the aircraft from being introduced until 1979. (Its first flight was in 1969, for comparison) It has an alternate, updated model in the form of the J-8IIM "Finback B". It only appears in Airforce Delta Strike, used by not only Sergei Kinski, but the Ganos Flight Army Division as well. It can also be used by Alex Levine.


The aircraft, naturally, has a quite similar design to a MiG-21, having a similar "holed nose" air intake, and a highly narrow fuselage and single vertical stabilizer. However, this aircraft is noticeably larger than the Fishbed, and has much more impressively large wings and rear wings. It also has a twin-engined design.


Uhh... It's okay? It's nothing horrible. Stats are okay all around, except for a pitiful Defense. It's a craft that can be usable. It's... Remarkably unremarkable stat-wise. Once you get better, most notably a Yak-141, this plane will basically cease to have a point, as that craft is superior to it in all aspects. Still, it's not horrible.


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Medium
Mobility: Medium
Defense: Low (1600 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: Medium
Thrust: Medium
Speed: Medium-high

Enemy Appearances

  • The Ganos Flight Army Division uses this craft, primarily in the early game. Sergei Kinski also uses this plane as his final plane, using it in Tiger's Cave.



  • This is the only aircraft in the game to be piloted by both normal O.C.C. pilots, and an ace (Sergei Kinski).
    • This is also the only non-Russian plane that Sergei pilots.
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