"We're talking acceleration like you wouldn't believe at rock-bottom prices. This deal is so good, I might just buy it.[sic?]"
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The Shenyang J-8IIM (NATO reporting name of Finback B) was an advancement to the J-8, introduced twenty seven years after the original J-8 was developed. This aircraft has many advanced modifications to modernize the craft. It was a bomb in the export market, but data regarding the craft would later be used to further develop other aircraft. It only appears in Airforce Delta Strike, where it is used by the Ganos Flight Army Division, and can be used by Ruth Valentine.


As to be expected, it heavily resembles its predecessor. However, the biggest differences include a modernized front end (removing the "holed nose" air intake and making it a standard aerodynamic front end), and adding two air intakes (due to the removal of the "holed nose" intake). Aside from that, the external design is incredibly similar.


It's... Okay. The biggest mark against it is the lack of vulcans, which is terrible for a craft that is meant to be a fighter. It has decent stats, but it's hamstrung by the lack of vulcans. The special weapon is also fairly mediocre, and only useful at getting money, and it's combined with a bad anti ground stat and poor defenses. It's cheap at least, so if you have nothing else to buy...


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Medium-high
Mobility: Medium-high
Defense: Low (1700 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: Low
Thrust: Medium
Speed: Medium-high

Enemy Appearances (Missions)

Airforce Delta Strike



  • Bizarrely, Harry himself mentions he's considering buying the plane himself. This is possibly a translation quirk.
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