"Now you see why I stick to my ol' propeller plane!"
―One of Jamie's random quotes during radio chatter.

Jamie Jones is a character in the Airforce Delta series who appears as one of the main playable characters in Airforce Delta Strike.

Jamie is the leader of the 1st Element of Delta Squadron. He is also the only member of the squadron to fly propeller planes, as opposed to jets. He was war buddies with Robert Williams and Richard Valentine, who was the father of Ruth Valentine.



Jamie was friends with Robert Williams and Richard Valentine. Robert founded the Delta Squadron and they went with their friends to it. Jamie mentions at one point that he had a rivalry with Sergei Kinski that ended when Sergei switched over to a jet. Jamie was transferred to Delta for consistently refusing to fly a jet in favor of prop-planes.


Jamie is often described as a weirdo. He is shown to be eccentric, as he is obsessed with propeller planes, and although he seems to be rather grouchy, he is often on good terms with most of his wingmates. He gets along well with Ruth Valentine and Lilia Mihajlovna, although the latter often gets mad at him for talking about 'nonsense.' He is known for being an incredibly skilled pilot as he can hold his own against enemy jets while flying a prop-plane. Jamie is known for having a stubborn attitude.


Jamie has a notably different appearance than the other pilots in the game. While all other pilots wear a skintight full-body flightsuit, Jamie wears World War II-style flight clothes including a brown jacket with a small, black tie and sand-colored pants. He has yellow hair and a mustache, as well as blue eyes. When he wears his flight gear, he wears a yellow flak vest and a black leather helmet as well as square-shaped goggles. He is designed to have a rather aged appearance. His jacket has the Delta insignia on it. He is always shown with a cigarette in his mouth, and his right eye is always closed for an unknown reason. He appears to be Caucasian.

Events of AFD Strike

Jamie is introduced, along with Rick Campbell, Alex Levine, Holst Prendre, Pedro Glankert, and Brian Douglas, in the debriefing for the mission operation code H4. Jamie introduces himself, and Ruth asks him what his age is. He responds with slight irritation saying he's now 52. Ruth apologizes and walks away. Jamie cheers up and introduces Rick. Jamie says that Rick is a real freak when it comes to fast planes, but other than that, he's a nice enough guy. Rick gets angry and asks Jamie how many years he must call him a freak. Jamie says that it's what he is and Rick responds with saying that he's never seen a prop-plane freak like Jamie and Jamie gets angry and asks him what's wrong with prop-planes and tells Rick that he hardly deserves to take flak from the likes of him. The two then argue and then Alex is introduced.

Later, 1st Element is called upon to escort a train escaping from Lugerde City to their territory. Along the way, they encounter three helicopters and two jets. They manage to deal with them and head to Ariana Glen where the train is located. They destroy several armed trains attacking the train, and then they blow up rocks blocking the tracks. They then shoot down three VTOL fighters attacking the train, and they destroy more armed trains and the train is able to safely escape. In the debriefing, Robert congratulates them, but Jamie angrily states that the job was very difficult. He asks if they could give them something easier and Lilia says that if they want that type of work they'll have to start flying normal planes. Jamie says that real men fly prop-planes and that there's nothing like being that close to the clouds. Rick gets angry and he says that mankind has a mission to test the physical limits of speed and that speed is everything and that the best airborne fighting strategy is hit-and-run. Jamie says that it's a waste of precious fuel and that the environmental groups would have Rick's head on a platter. Jamie and Rick then argue and the scene switches to Alex.

Later, Jamie and all the other pilots are sent to capture the enemy's air squadron and to destroy the enemy's airships surrounding the transports, then to guide the transports back into friendly airspace. They succeed in their mission. It is then revealed that General Bolotnikov, a decorated general of the O.C.C. army, has defected. Jamie gets angry about this and so does Ken.

Later, Jamie and the others are sent to attack the enemy's new anti-aircraft system, tornado generators, in the Drycharl Desert. On their way, they encounter Donald Chan and two reinforcements. John Rundal leaves the mission to deal with an enemy air squadron. Despite this, the pilots are able to deal with Donald and the other enemies, and they head into the Drycharl Desert where they destroy the tornado machines and the operations base. During the mission, Jamie converses with Ruth Valentine and Ken Thomas about John. He then tells them to assist John, telling them he's counting on them. In the debriefing, Jamie converses with Bob Takayanagi about what happened during the mission. Then Ruth shows up, and Jamie asks her about her father Richard. Jamie is amazed that he was war buddies with Richard and he and Bob tell her the story about how Bob serviced Richard's plane and Jamie says that he and Robert were members of an Element. Jamie states that Richard and Robert flew so close to him when they were in formations, 'he thought he'd crap his pants.' After some talk, Ruth leaves and Jamie wonders what Ruth was hoping to find when she joined Delta in her father's footsteps. Bob says that he guesses it wasn't an old curmudgeon like Jamie, and Jamie gets mad, telling him to shut up.

Later, 1st and 3rd Elements are sent to defend Ballga airbase from enemy fighters. During the mission, they encounter Sergei, Albert Ungar, and Ellen McNichol. Jamie briefly converses with Sergei if he is not being played as. The pilots eventually manage to bring down the enemies and save the airbase, completing the mission. If the player completed the mission with a 1st Element character, the debriefing will change. Jamie starts feeling upset about something and Alex asks him what's wrong. Jamie talks about his old rivalry with Sergei who used to fly a prop-plane but switched over to a jet. Alex wonders if he's feeling sad and Jamie admits that he is. Alex then asks if they should go out for a drink with Rick and Jamie accepts.

Later, Jamie and the other pilots are sent to regain the airspace near the Chiron orbital lift in Armagest City, and assist the ground troops as they advance. Along the way, they encounter Sergei and Giuseppe Ferretti, as well as two reinforcements. They eventually manage to bring down the enemies and head for the city. At the city, they encounter Pierre Gallo. When Pierre says that they have some real speed freaks, Jamie tells him that speed isn't everything. Pierre laughs and says that they've got slowpokes too. Jamie gets angry and says, "As long as you're still standing in the end..." Pierre says that he doesn't care and he'll shoot them all down. Delta eventually manages to destroy the anti-air radar system and shoot down Pierre, completing the mission. In the debriefing, Jamie mentions that Pierre sounded even younger than Brian. When Lilia mentions that it must be some kind of hyper-accelerated gifted program, and that technology reports from a few years ago state that the technology gap was small, and that this must be a recent development, Jamie asks if it's possible to create such terrible things in such a short period of time. Lilia angrily states that if they were instructed by the right person, it would be simple enough.

Afterwards, 1st Element is sent to defend the Archelon from enemy fighters and ground turrets. During the mission, they encounter Leon Kleiser whom they banter with. They escort the Archelon to the target location and they shoot down any fighters or ground turrets attacking it, completing the mission. The Archelon then drops the Armed Fighting Walker which is left to be escorted in a mission for 2nd Element. In the debriefing, Jamie and the others start feeling tired and then Jamie cheers up and says that they should go out for a drink. Alex is amused, but Rick angrily states that the war is heating up and he's not sure if it's the best time to party. Jamie gets angry and says that it's precisely that things are heating up that he's trying to lighten them up stating that it's tradition. Alex agrees with Jamie saying he has a point and Rick agrees as well. Jamie asks if they're with him and suddenly Lilia appears getting angry and asking them what they're talking about. After some arguing, Jamie gets frustrated and says that the fun is over and now it's time to 'stay on their toes.' Rick reluctantly agrees and Alex suggests that they go for a walk.

Later, Jamie and Alex are called upon to clear out the subway tunnel of enemies in the recently freed Cornia City. Despite the mission's difficulty, they manage to wipe out the enemies, completing the mission. Afterwards, Lilia appreciates their work, saying that Cornia sends their thanks, but Jamie asks her like he's asked before if she could give easier missions. Lilia says that if they want that type of work they'll have to start flying normal planes. Jamie briefly gets irritated but Lilia calms him down saying that he was the real driving force behind the mission, and that he did what even a helicopter could do. Jamie smiles and says that he can't let himself get beaten by those 'horizontal propeller guys' saying he would be a laughingstock. Lilia commends Jamie and Alex for outdoing themselves. After some talk, Jamie asks Alex if he has a stomachache or something and Alex says that ignorance is bliss.

Later, Delta is sent to destroy the Kotor Stronghold. Along the way, they encounter Francine Davout and Jake Emerson. They eventually manage to wipe out the enemies and proceed to Kotor. There, they encounter Sergei and Albert. Delta manages to fly through several underground bunkers and destroy their internal hatches with help from Land Walker. If Sergei is left alive after the 5th bunker has been destroyed, he must be killed. Sergei is shot down and killed and Delta completes their mission. In the debriefing, Jamie asks Holst if he cares to bet on who had the highest kill count. Holst disagrees and Jamie calls him a bore. Jamie then asks Ruth if they made it back safely and she says yes. He then asks her if she cares to bet on who had the highest kill count, and she gets slightly irritated. Jamie states that a real pilot would bet on anything no matter how absurd. Ken then chimes in and tells Jamie that he and John are in Ruth's squadron and they wouldn't lose to an old man on a kill count. Jamie gets angry and says that they won't know unless they try to place a bet. Then Lilia appears and gets mad at Jamie for talking about 'nonsense.' Jamie gets confused and Rick tells him to give it up. Jamie gets mad and asks Rick if he wouldn't walk out on an old friend. Rick states that they should not waste their time on silly bets and Jamie says that he'll have to teach him the hard way. Rick gets angry and then suddenly they see a flash in the distance where Kotor is.

Later, the Delta Squadron is called upon to clear a path for bombers that are being sent to attack the enemy's new railguns. On their way, they encounter five bombers and Pierre. They manage to deal with them and head to Marinor Glen. At the canyon, large wind turbines are activated, creating a barrier of wind above the canyon. Jamie, Rick, and Alex are accompanied by David Smith, Collette Le Clerc, and Constance Le Clerc, but they get knocked out by the wind. As they fly through the canyon, they are pursued by Albert, Ellen, and two reinforcements. Ellen and Albert wonder about Ken and wonder why he's not there. Albert then says that he'll finish this quick and then hunt down Ken and challenges the Delta pilots. They eventually reach where the machines are located and they destroy them by breaking their supports, causing them to topple over, completing the mission. In the debriefing, Jamie notices that Brian is looking tired and he states to Holst that it's no fun getting old because it always shows up in your face if you try to push it too hard.

Later, Jamie and the others are sent to attack the Navarone battery, home to 3 of the enemy's new large-bore railguns. Along the way, they encounter Francine and Jake as well as strange new enemy vehicles shaped like crabs. Jake is killed during the fight and 2nd Element deals with the crabs. They then head to where the railguns are located, and all of the bombers are shot down. David Collette, and Constance enter one of the railguns and they blow it up from the inside. Amelia then tells them to leave and Delta takes care of the rest. They manage to destroy the other two railguns, completing the mission.

Later, Jamie and the other pilots are sent to attack the Chiron lift in Armagest City, to prevent the enemy from attempting to resupply. During the mission, they are attacked by Donald and Ellen. Donald is killed if he is shot down, but he is not required to be. Ellen is not required to be shot down either. When the lift comes online, Delta attacks it. Jamie is having trouble flying at high altitudes because of his prop-plane, and Rick and Alex warn him about it but he tells them to shut up. Delta eventually manages to stop the elevator car, completing the mission. However, Pierre discovers this and, flying a large mech, fires a powerful laser beam at the lift, causing it to explode and slowly break up.

Afterwards, 1st and 3rd Elements are forced to deal with the fragments of the lift, and prevent the large fragments from falling to Earth to avoid disaster. Albert is encountered during the mission and he converses with Ken if he is not under the player's control. Jamie is unable to fly at high altitudes due to flying a prop-plane and Rick and Alex try to warn him about it but he tells them to shut up, saying that if he thought about his plane he would not have been able to do his job. Rick then tells Jamie to get the stragglers, much to Jamie's dismay. Delta eventually manages to wipe out the large fragments and complete their mission. In the debriefing, if Ellen was not unlocked, Jamie is feeling angry and upset about being unable to do anything. Bob tries to calm him down and tells him that he should fly a jet instead. Jamie refuses, saying that he's not cut out for the new planes saying that they have all this electronic equipment he's too old to learn how to use. Bob starts feeling worried and Jamie says that maybe he should retire, but he then says that he wants to fight and that the war will determine Earth's entire future. He then asks Bob if he can do anything in Delta and Bob is unable to answer. Jamie leaves and Bob feels worried for him.

Jamie's fate

If the player does not unlock Decision, Jamie appears in the briefing for Departure but Lilia tells him that prop-planes are not allowed, as they cannot fly through space and are too slow to get close enough to a heavy-lift vehicle (HLV) to dock. She then tells Jamie to trade the prop-plane in for a jet, saying it's an order. Rick gets angry and says that Jamie has not completed his crossover training yet. Lilia says angrily that it's time for some on-the-job training instead and either tells Jamie to use a jet that Harry Garrett got ready, or asks Jamie if he has at least one jet, depending on whether or not Decision was completed in a previous game. She gives Jamie a choice saying to either fly that jet or stay behind with the ground troops. Rick is disgruntled and Jamie grunts. Lilia asks him what's his decision and Jamie says that he can't do it, not wanting to leave his prop-plane. Rick and Alex are dismayed and Lilia agrees with Jamie's decision. She reassures him that they'll see him again when the mission is over. Jamie apologizes to the team saying that he's an old man and he guesses it's tough to change. The other pilots then carry out their mission. Jamie is not seen again after this.

If the player completes five main missions with Jamie (not Stand-By missions and Intercept missions), a mission called Decision will appear in place of Departure. Unlike the briefing for Departure, where Jamie decides not to go, he, for this one, chooses to fly the jet and join everyone else in space. Lilia is delighted and Jamie heads off with Rick, Alex, and 3rd Element, to the Uranometria base to provide cover for the last HLV as it takes off. During the mission, they encounter Leon. Leon is killed if he is shot down, though he is not required to be. After all the crabs clinging to the HLV known as Starlight, which is in self-mode instead of linear-mode because of Jamie's slow jet, are destroyed, the Starlight then approaches Catapult 2, but then the crab leader vows revenge. A cutscene then plays showing Jamie flying his jet providing cover for the Starlight as it takes off. The crab leader suddenly appears and lands on the track in front of the Starlight, blocking its path. The launch cannot be aborted and the Starlight will crash into the crab if it takes off. Jamie tries to attack the crab but his plane's weapons fail. Jamie then swoops in towards the crab as it shoots guns at him, badly damaging his plane. Jamie screams as he crashes his plane into the crab, destroying it, but killing himself in the process. The path for the Starlight is now clear and it launches safely. A Game Over screen then displays with Lilia saying that the tale moves the story to the universe and tells Jamie to sleep well and now. The game is then completed and Jamie's jet he used in Decision is now available to be flown in regular missions.

Ellen becoming unlocked

If the player plays as Ken and shoots down Ellen each time she appears, the debriefings for the missions Up Stream, Meteor Structure, and Departure will then change. In the one for Meteor Structure, everyone celebrates their victory, but then they notice a strange plane. Jamie gets angry as he sees the plane landing and wonders if it's an enemy about to storm them. The pilot is then revealed to be an unbrainwashed Ellen, and she takes Jamie's place as the 1st Element 1st position of Delta Squadron for the space missions.


  • Call sign: Anaconda 1
  • T.A.C. name: Shogun
  • Plane colors: World War II style colors (different one for each plane). The only recurring color scheme he has is a bright gray color with checker-patterns near the wings; it appears on his P-38L Lightning and his F-86L SabreJet.

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  • Jamie is the only playable character in the game who cannot go up into space.
  • He is also the only playable character not to have all of his planes the same color. Each of his planes has a different color, although some of Holst's planes have a different color.
  • Jamie is the only character in the game to have his first and last name start with the same letter. This is described as an Alliterative Name on TV Tropes as seen here.
  • With a selection of only five planes, Jamie has the fewest number of planes of any playable character in the game.
  • Jamie is also the only playable character in the game to die, though it depends on the player's actions.


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