"This aircraft is a double-delta fighter developed by the neutral country of Sweden in the mid-20th century. Large wing surfaces result in low wing load, giving a high degree of maneuverability to this aircraft."
Airforce Delta Storm manual, page 24.

The Saab 35 Draken (Translating into both The Kite and The Dragon) is a Swedish fighter aircraft developed between 1955 and 1974, and was western Europe's first fully supersonic aircraft. It was designed to replace the J 29 Tunnan and, later, the fighter variant of the J 32 Lansen. The aircraft was slowly phased out by the SAAB 35 Viggen, before being fully replaced in 1999. This aircraft only appears in Airforce Delta Storm.


The Draken is considered by plane enthusiasts to be one of the best looking planes out there. It's got a wild design, having two broad air intakes connected into the wing structure, which form two small delta shaped wings near the bottom of the craft. It's got a single engine and a single vertical stabilizer. The delta wings also help serve as both front and rear wings.


A decent early game aircraft. It does have problems standing out, however, as other great aircraft such as the F-15S/MT Active can be obtained before you complete the mission associated with unlocking this aircraft. It's not terrible, though. It just has problems standing out amongst competition due to rather poor placement. The lone standout it has is speed. Everything else is average. In the PAL version of Storm, this aircraft also has the misfortune of being unlocked at the exact same time as the JA37 Viggen, which is superior to this aircraft in all aspects. Yeah...


Type Stats
Attack: Medium-low
Defense: Medium-low (2300 HP)
Speed: High
Power: Medium
Mobility: Medium-high
Missile: 55
Ability: No
Range: 2

Note: There are no differences in stats between the US and PAL versions.

Enemy Appearances (Missions)



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