This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission Inside in Airforce Delta Strike.


Pierre: (when the player enters the chamber where he is) Hey, long time no see... How've you been? I can't let you go any further than this. Go quietly! Okay?! What d'you think of my bod? Not bad, huh?! Watch what I can do... Ta da! See! I got tired of being a human. I'm way stronger now. There's true power in space. Whatever the brainiacs say, it's a load of bull. They're so limited by their human thinking. But human or not, it doesn't matter. No need to get all hung up about it. There are some fantastic creatures in space. You've seen their power yourself, I think. With that power, I'm totally invincible! You still wanna mess with me? Do you know how stupid that is? Aren't you jealous? You can have all that power for yourself, you know. Just listen to what the other side has to say for a minute. But you won't even do that...

John: (if playing as Ken) That would take all the fun out of the hunt.

Ken: (if playing as Ruth or Ellen) I don't need it. Let somebody else have it.

Ruth: (if playing as John) No one should have that much power!

Pierre: What a waste! Oh, well, then die! (after the player destroys all six wings on his Type-XX: Dracul, he says the following line) But how...?! Even with all my strength! How can I still lose!![sic] [retreats through a door that was closed at first] I-I'm just gonna regroup here... Huh?! Wait! Hold on a minute! Yaaaaaaah!!! [dies at Navigator's hands]

John: (if playing as Ken) ...Looks like there's more prey over there.

Ken: (if not being played as) There are more enemies over there.

Ruth: (if playing as Ken or John) The enemy commander may be there. Let's go!

[no more scripted dialogue; mission ends once the player destroys Navigator]

Post-Mission Cutscene (The Answer)

[shows Navigator and then Ken]

Ken: This is the end...! [fires two missiles at Navigator]

Ruth: Punching out!NOTE: The subtitles erroneously say "Let's get in there! Punching out!" [the Delta pilots fly past Navigator who starts to glow and die. He also lets out an angry roar. The pilots then rush to escape the area before the shutter doors close]

John: Think I'm gonna go down now?!

Ken: Ellen, I'll be back. I swear.

Ruth: I'll get through this, Dad! I promise!

[post-mission cutscene ends with a shot of Mars and the pilots flying near it, showing that they escaped successfully]

[credits roll if mission was completed with someone other than Ken and/or if Ellen was not unlocked]

Debriefing (if Ellen was unlocked and mission is played with Ken)

[in Ken's quarters]

Ken: ... [he heads to the hallway] ...

Ellen: [offscreen] Ken...

Ken: Oh, Ellen.

Ellen: [appears onscreen and is smiling] So you're going, huh?

Ken: [smiles] A little staff officer once said, "Delta's job is to make the impossible possible." As a Delta member, I've got to go.

Ellen: [frowns] I see...

Ken: And besides...

Ellen: Yeah?

Ken: [delightfully] Now that you're back, I've got to make sure we still have someplace to have dates, don't I?

Ellen: [smiles] Ken... I'm going, too.

[in the NTSC-U version, Ken only frowns. In the PAL version, he frowns and says the following line]

Ken: You? Are you serious?

Ellen: I'm a member of Delta, too, and I've got space experience. I know a thing or two about making the impossible possible.

Ken: [worried] Are you sure? We might get separated again, you know.

Ellen: [delightfully] But we always find our way back to each other! We'll find our way back this time, too.

Ken: [calms down and smiles] All right, Ellen. ...Well, shall we?

Ellen: Let's go!

[they head to the briefing room]

Lilia: ...You two are the last team.

Ken: [turns serious] What's the mission?

Lilia: We'll start with the sit rep. Amelia?

Amelia: Interstellar cruise missiles and the L-2 Colony--which took a direct hit from one--are heading straight for Earth. The Mars-attack space fleet and a newly-formed space army are working to intercept them, but there are just too many of them.

Lilia: We've got to knock them out, starting with the ones closest to Earth. If we let them fall to Earth...

Amelia: [sadly]'ll be an even bigger disaster than the time with Chiron Tower.

Lilia: All other Delta members have gone off to intercept. You're the last two left. This is going to be a tough mission. Good luck!

Ken: Yes, ma'am.

Ellen: [smiles] We will intercept them, and we'll make it back alive, too!

Lilia: [smiles] One piece of good news. I thought you might want to use reproductions of your old-regulation space fighters.

Ellen: [delightfully] Wow! We get to fly those again?

Lilia: I've got one for each of you. It's all I could do for you, but I hope it helps. Best of luck, you two!

Ken: We will stop them from hitting Earth! ...And we'll make it back again, too. That's a promise.

[debriefing ends]

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