"Operation Crimson Emperor" Inside is the final storyline mission for Delta Squadron 3rd Element (With the exception of Ken Thomas if Ellen McNichol is unlocked) in Airforce Delta Strike.


After seemingly destroying the mother ship, 3rd Element discovers a strange portal that leads into an unknown alien location. 3rd Element enters this location.

After flying through a series of tunnels filled with damaging lasers and constantly closing and re-opening walls, they come across a giant chamber with Pierre Gallo, piloting the most advanced O.C.C. craft, the Type-XX: Dracul. Pierre boasts about his newfound strength and goes on a tangent about science and evolution, but 3rd Element hears none of it and manages to severely damage his craft. Pierre retreats, but is punished for his failure by Navigator, who kills him. 3rd Element proceeds into Navigator's chamber and eliminates him for good. They then manage to flee the unknown location before the shutter doors close, winding back up in space.


The Tunnel

There's a decent bit to unpack with this level. Firstly, you're in a strange tunnel with lasers being fired everywhere. The damage is minimal, however. After flying through the tunnel, you will come upon a split path; it's better to take the right path instead of the left path. If you take the left path, you'll have to contend with many constantly closing and re-opening shutters that you can die instantly on. Taking the right path has vastly fewer of these shutters, instead having three Type-R6: Runners. All they do is fire bullets at your plane and are very easy to destroy. At the end of their room is another of those shutters, so be careful. After you pick either path, the paths meet up and you enter Pierre's chamber.


This can be called the actual final boss of the game. Pierre's super plane has a lot of strange attacks at its disposal. Firstly, your targets are the six wings of his craft. He starts the fight off by moving around the perimeter of the room. He will then stop, spread his wings, and launch six homing lasers at you. The homing lasers deal fairly low damage, and are easy to avoid. This is the best opportunity to attack him; hit as many of his wings as you can with your weapons of choice. ASMs are very good for damaging his wings.

After firing his lasers, he will charge up and fire a massive orange laser, aiming it towards your craft. It rapidly deals low damage to your craft, and is also punctuated by a missile alert. Simply move around to avoid the laser, and be careful not to crash into the walls.

After that, he will move around again, and soon his wings will no longer be targetable. A new target box will appear in the center of his body. Ignore this; you cannot actually damage Pierre this way. His wings will start to rapidly orbit himself, while bright orange squares also start to orbit him, and he will rush across the arena. The orange lights cannot harm you, but his body and wings can be crashed into, so be cautious. Afterwards, his pattern will start over. Simply attack him when you're able, and be careful not to die. Dying in this level will cause you to go back and have to re-do Mother Ship again, so be careful!


After you beat Pierre, he will attempt to retreat through a door that was closed originally. He will destroy the door and fly through, suddenly screaming as he is killed. Fly in after him, and you will enter a white, glowing chamber with Navigator sitting in the center. Fire missiles at Navigator and destroy him. Congratulations, you have beaten this mission!

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Pierre 1 ? -
Mediator 1 ? -
Type-R6: Runner 3 A -


You get no credits for completing this mission. If you complete this mission as either Ruth Valentine, John Rundal or Ellen McNichol the game is complete and you get that character's game completion medal. If you complete this mission as Ken Thomas without having unlocked Ellen, the game is still complete but you do not get Ken's game completion medal. If you complete this mission as Ken Thomas and have unlocked Ellen, you progress to Phase 14.

For completing the mission as Ruth, you unlock the Jian-Ji 11 and F-102A Delta Dagger for purchase on a new-game plus (270,000 and 70,000 credits, respectively). For completing the mission as John, you unlock the F-100D Super Sabre and the T6-1 (modified prototype) for purchase on a new-game plus (55,000 and 110,000 credits, respectively). If this is the first time you've completed the game, you unlock the VIC VIPER for free, and if this the first time you've completed the game as a 3rd Element character, you unlock the MANBOU-J for free, both on a new-game plus.


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  • This is the only end-game mission that has the possibility not to be an end-game mission.
  • This is the only mission in the entire franchise to have more than one music track play in the level.
  • This is the only level in the game where two antagonists (Pierre and Navigator) die.
  • This mission has similarities to Parting Shots from Airforce Delta Storm as both are end missions that involve flying through a narrow tunnel, entering a large area, and destroying targets to reach and destroy a final one.


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