"I got this when I was looking for a pure attack plane once. It can take a helluva beating, but is so slow birds'll pass you."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The Ilyushin Il-2 is a Soviet propeller ground attack craft, produced during World War II. It has the merit of being the single most produced military craft in aviation history (when combining the numbers with the Il-10, a total of 42,330 craft were built in total!). The craft was known to be quite inaccurate in attacking ground targets, and some battles had many losses of Il-2s while ground forces took little damage. The Il-2M3 was a variant with improved handling as a result of a slightly redesigned body. This aircraft only appears in Airforce Delta Strike, where it is one of Jamie Jones' prop planes. It is also forced upon Giuseppe Ferretti after his failure in battle, and is the last plane he pilots.


The Il-2M3 is a typical prop plane. It has fairly wide wings for its type, and a cord running from the back of the cockpit (presumably the powerplant) to the vertical stabilizer of the craft.


The "attacker" of the prop planes. We say that lightly because this aircraft has, predictably, very poor defenses, making ground attack... Difficult. Although it still has the same incredible mobility, it is even slower than other prop planes, due to the worse thrust. This aircraft is... Hard to recommend. Then again, most people wouldn't recommend playing as Jamie anyways, so... Hey, if you're dedicated to playing as him, you may as well use this. Have fun beating the nightmarishly hard Metro as Jamie to unlock this thing, though.


(Clockwise starting from top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Minimum
Mobility: High
Defense: Low (1600 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: Medium
Thrust: Medium-low (No afterburners)
Speed: Minimum


Enemy Appearances (Missions)



  • This is the only propeller aircraft to be used by an enemy in the entire series; though it was forced upon Giuseppe by Navigator.
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