"This fighter is based on overambitious designs for a lightweight stealth MiG29 fighter. It has problems with balance."
Harry's description of the plane in the shop.

The I-2000 LFS (lacking the LFS moniker in Airforce Delta Storm) is a plane that has appeared in Airforce Delta Storm and Airforce Delta Strike. It is a concept-plane made for the LFS project. However, the project was cancelled in favor of the PAK FA program (which later resulted in the Su-57). The S-55 LFS was also spawned from this project, which also appears in this game series. This would not be the end for the interesting I-2000, however; the plans influenced the design of a recent aircraft, the Iranian HESA Shafaq. As a result, the I-2000 interestingly lives on through that plane. It is usable by Ellen McNichol in AFD Strike and is also used by MEU in the same game.

Design (Both games)

This plane has a very... Bizarre appearance, as seen by the images. A somewhat stocky body with very strangely shaped wings (A circular shape that juts out a small rectangle for reach wing). Its vertical stabilizers and engines are very evocative of the F-22 Raptor (Though, it's believed the I-2000 truly only had a single engine, like the S-55 LFS, as judged by the HESA Shafaq).


Airforce Delta Storm

This plane is a fairly mediocre craft. Despite being unlocked for purchase by completing a secret mission (Surprise Attack), the plane's stats are very mediocre, with the only stand-out being an incredibly high defense.

Airforce Delta Strike

The stats are somewhat similar to the previous game's stats, though, its defense has been lowered a good deal. It's fairly average all around; Not great, but not horrible. The internal bomb bays it possesses makes it annoying to rapid fire, however. However, it's still pretty decent in the end, if you want to use this.


Airforce Delta Storm

Attack: Medium-low

Defense: Very high (5500 HP)

Speed: Medium-high

Power: Medium-high

Mobility: Medium-high

Missile: 55

Ability: Stealth

Range: 3

(There are no difference in stats between the US and PAL versions)

Airforce Delta Strike

(Clockwise starting from top)

Anti Air Attack: Medium-high

Mobility: High

Defense: Medium (2900 HP)

Anti Ground Attack: Medium-high

Thrust: Medium

Speed: Medium-low

Enemy Appearances (Missions)

Airforce Delta Storm

Airforce Delta Strike

  • Enemy I-2000s appear in the final few Earth missions, alongside the S-55 LFS and the Su-30MKI. It is used by the Merv Ecbatana Union. It is also interesting in that it is the only MEU aircraft that can appear in stand-bys; it will appear in stand-bys that feature Donald in his FC-1 Fighter China.


Airforce Delta Storm

Airforce Delta Strike

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