"Stampede Campaign" Hyper Speed Rick is a mission for Rick Campbell in Airforce Delta Strike.


In a special mission, Rick Campbell is tasked to undergo recon of what is suspected to be a massive O.C.C. stronghold. Although hesitant to do so at first, the promise of a hyper speed interceptor for his actions is enough to tempt him to go through with the mission. He is joined by Harry Garrett, who utilizes the recon equipment while he flies around the territory.

Upon arriving at the location, they discover the intelligence was correct; the O.C.C. have taken over a massive stronghold. To aid in another mission, Rick and Harry run measurements of the massive hatches blocking the inside of the stronghold, all the while being pursued by Donald Chan. After analyzing all five hatches, they flee the airspace.


A very unorthodox mission; you are piloting an ultra fast YF-12A craft. You must lock onto the five hatches present on certain parts of the map and stay locked on until Harry runs measurements of each one. You are also forbidden from attacking any other enemy; launching off missiles will fail the level.

Firstly, DO NOT fly directly in front of the hatches; the swarms of Batteries around each hatch will tear your fragile plane apart. Instead, fly around the back of the mountain, and drop down to the hatches from above, heavily minimizing the number of batteries that can attack you.

You also must deal with Donald relentlessly pursuing you in his JH-7; to deal with him, after measuring each hatch, fly the furthest possible hatch away from Donald to give yourself some time to analyze the next hatch before he shows up. It only takes a few of his missiles to blow you out of the sky, so watch out! There are also several other fighters, but they're not as aggressive as Donald is.

After you measure all five hatches, simply exit the airspace.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Hatch* 5 B 3,000
Battery 14 B N/A
Su-27SMK "Flanker B" 2 B N/A
Su-35 "Flanker E" 3 A N/A
Su-34 1 B N/A
Donald 1 C N/A


The reward for this mission is 95,000 credits total; 80,000 from the mission itself, and an additional 15,000 from measuring the five hatches. You are also given the YF-12A for free.


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  • This is the only mission in the entire franchise where you are forbidden from attacking any enemy.
  • If you are on a new game plus, the briefing of this mission is different and reflects on the fact that Rick already has a super-speed interceptor. This trait is also shared with Departure.
  • This is the only mission that Harry takes an active role in.
  • This is also the only mission in the entire Airforce Delta series to have a character's name in its title (Rick).
  • Judging by the briefing in the latter, this mission seems to take place concurrently with Metro.


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