This page refers to the Axelay's special weapon. If you are looking for the FLINT-ROCK's special weapon, see "Laser".
"This is a laser with tracking device[sic]. It rarely misses the target."
Harry's description of this weapon in the shop.

The Homing Laser is a unique special weapon in Airforce Delta Strike which can only be used by the Axelay. It is, ostensibly, a slightly altered Multi-Lock Air-to-Air Missile. This weapon, when selected, doesn't modify the HUD in any meaningful way, aside from the weapon swap.


The Homing Laser is, basically, a superior ML-AAM. The improvement mostly comes from accuracy; this weapon is much more accurate than the normal ML-AAM. As a result, it can be used much more effectively on mobile targets, and it possesses the same increased damage as the ML-AAM. However, this comes at a slight trade-off; the Homing Laser has a slightly worse lock-on range than the ML-AAM; the same as a normal missile. However, the improved accuracy more than makes up for this. Thanks to the high damage and good accuracy, this is great for taking out multiple aircraft at once. This weapon's performance is also identical to the FLINT-ROCK's Laser.


  • Great for anti air
  • Deals heavy damage
  • Multi locking
  • Better accuracy than ML-AAMs
  • Lots of ammo, moreso than the ML-AAM; 100 shots


  • Cannot be used on ground targets
  • Lower range than ML-AAMs


  • This special weapon seems to be an approximation of the Wind Laser from the original Axelay, in that both weapons fire multiple red lasers at once. The exact application of the weapons are different in their respective games, however.
  • The only differences between this weapon and the FLINT-ROCK's Laser is the appearance and the price; the Axelay's Homing Laser is red while the FLINT-ROCK's Laser is yellow. Meanwhile, the Homing Laser is 70,000 credits while the Laser is more expensive at 80,000 credits.
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