Home Air Defense is the first mission in Airforce Delta. It is a basic flight-sim introduction mission involving shooting down a certain number of bombers.


Multiple unmarked fighters presumed to be People's Federation Air Force crafts are on an incoming course heading towards the Delta Base.

Your mission is to target this air squadron, presumed a People's Federation Air Force strike team, for elimination.

The enemy is most likely a squadron of large bombers on a bombing raid of our base.

You are to carry out a preemptive assault.


This is a very easy mission. It's probably the easiest mission in the game, which is fitting enough, considering it's the very first. There are only three targets in total, all of which are heavy, slow bombers. Although there are some decent enemy aircraft providing escort (Most notably an F-15E Strike Eagle), none are positioned in too dangerous of a location, and it's generally easy to shoot them down without much fuss. Hell, two of the bombers are basically out in the open thanks to the positioning of the escorts (They're located pretty far out, near the third bomber), which is a pretty poor escort strategy. Anyways, simple level. Nothing to it.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number Score
B-1B Lancer 3 67,500
Mirage 2000 1 34,000
F-16 Fighting Falcon 1 39,000
F-15E Strike Eagle 1 50,000

Gallery (Enemy/NPCs)

Video (Walkthrough/Soundtrack)



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