"Although this is a release-type, you can lock on to drop toward a target. Even without locking on, it is as powerful as unguided bombs because you can damage surroundings as well."
Harry's description of this weapon in the shop. This description is incorrect; it is actually the description of guided bombs.

The Fuel-Air Explosive Bomb is a bomb-type special weapon in Airforce Delta Strike. This bomb is very similar to the default Unguided Bomb; however, when it hits the ground, it explodes into a much larger blast radius than the normal bomb, dealing damage to a very wide area, and making it very ideal for dealing with ground targets. Upon selecting the weapon, a pip will appear on the ground, indicating an estimate of where the bomb will land.

This weapon, again, tends to be more expensive than Unguided Bombs, generally costing around 40,000 Credits.


The FAE bombs are very effective at dealing with ground targets, especially those that are bunched up. The splash damage is spread out to an incredible degree, wiping out groups of small targets easily. This is definitely among the higher tier of the bomb-type weapons, thanks to its raw destructive potential.


  • Great at anti ground operations
  • Blast radius is absurd, taking out large amounts of enemies if they're bunched up
  • Of most bomb-type weapons, compared to others, this is simpler to aim since it's just a normal bomb with a huge blast radius
  • X3 cash bonus can get you large amounts of money


  • No guiding; weapon can be hard to aim
  • Less ammo than unguided bombs; 30 vs 50
  • Impossible to use on air targets, unless you practically fly into them to release the bomb on top of them


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