This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission Force Scout and its Intercept mission Team Bravo.


Robert: Looks like everyone's here.

Ruth: Lieutenant Rundal's still missing.

Robert: Well, we have work to do after all. Let's carry on without him.

Ruth: [angry] But--

Robert: Amelia, give us an overview.

Amelia: Yes sir. According to intel from the 306th Air Recon Wing... ...there's been an unusual atmospheric discharge over hostile territory in area OA-15's Haben Ravine. Here are your orders. Viper 1 and Viper 3 of Delta 3rd Element will patrol Haben with Bravo 1st Element. That is all.

Ruth: [calms down] Bravo? You mean that other composite squadron we've been working with?

Lilia: That's the one. Their 1st Element consists of two ace pilots under Lieutenant David Smith, here.

David: Now that I've been introduced, can I ask why we have to scout some valley that's giving off electricity?

Amelia: The levels are out of the ordinary. There's either a special magnetic field there or some sort of barrier.

Lilia: Nothing in any valley could create a magnetic field like that. They must have put up a barrier to hide something.

Collette: May I ask a question?

Lilia: Yes, Lieutenant Le Clerc?

Collette: Which area exactly are we patrolling?

Lilia: All of it. Everything in the ravine. Look in every nook and cranny and report back anything you find.

Collette: (sighs) All right...

Ruth: In theory, though, recon should be done with as few planes as possible.

Lilia: Well, I can see somebody doesn't like this kind of mission. 3rd Element wasn't enough, so we asked Bravo to lend a hand.

Constance: [winks] Oh, so Delta can't handle it, huh? Is that what you're saying?

David: Woah, Constance. She's got a job to do. Don't take it so personal.

Ken: .............

Robert: Okay, now get out there to the Haben Ravine and check things out. Be careful out there.

[briefing ends]

Team Bravo

Amelia: Picking up radar signal ahead! Enemy response! Counting two elements! Suspected patrol units!

David: Right on it! Panther, Cougar! After me!

Collette: Zipper!

Constance: Zipper!

Amelia: H-hold on! T-there's... All Viper units, fan out and engage!

David: Viper crew, relax! We can deal with these guys!

Collette: Chill out, and enjoy the view!

Constance: We can take these guys!

David: Panther, Cougar! Drive the bandits round to my 12!

Collette: Oh, no. You shouldn't bother with it, Lead.

Constance: Yeah! There'd be nothing left for us!

David: Quit being cute! Let's down these suckers!

Collette: Zipper!

Constance: Zipper!

David: If you hit any trouble, I'll be right there!

Collette: Roger, Lead!

Constance: Don't worry about us!

David: Panther, Cougar! Status?

Collette: Still looking good!

Constance: Getting a little over-protective, Lead!

David: Sorry, just lookin' out for my girls! Okay! Sliceback with me! Throttle back to make a tighter radius!

Collette: Jeez, you don't have to teach us how to fly!

Constance: First grade, Lead!

David: Oh, yeah! I forgot how good you are! How about we go out for dinner after the op!?

Collette: Lead! Are you asking us out?!

Constance: Really?! There's a place I've been dying to check out!

David: Leave it to me! But let's take care of the mission first!

Collete: Zipper!

Constance: Zipper!

Collette: Guess I'm not gonna get the chance to let off many rounds today, huh!

Constance: Yeah! Looks like we'll be earning quite a bit today!

Collette: One stop closer to our dream!

Constance: Yeah! Keep it up, sis!

David: This is just a plain old mission to a Bravo pilot, huh.

Collette: Yeah, nothing to it!

Constance: Sure, it's a swan!

David: Must be pretty tough for you two nuggets, huh? Well, impressed?! I can look after all of us on my own!

[No more scripted dialogue; mission ends when all enemies are shot down]


Amelia: Do not engage unnecessarily. This is a recon mission. Do not break the 3000 feet spoken dialogue in-game is "foot" ceiling. You'll hit the anti-aircraft net!

David: (Increasing his altitude for no reason) What the...?! I can't make it! (Hits the net and explodes)

Amelia: Python 1 is down...

Collette: What are you hanging around for? Let's roll, Cougar!

Constance: Zipper!

Collette: Panther engaging! I'll take the leading bandit!

Amelia: (Collette and Constance fire missiles at the Type-G4: Rol-L, evidently without locking onto the main cockpit.) Python 2, Python 3, Fox 2! (Missiles strike the invulnerable portion of the Rol-L, doing no damage.) All weapons made a direct hit! Enemies are...undamaged?! (Collette and Constance fly towards the gigantic wheel of death without trying to evade it.) Python 2, you're closing fast on a bandit! Pull up!

Collette: (Neither do and they both crash.) Arrgh!

Amelia: All Python units are down... All Viper units! The attack is useless! Disengage immediately! (Note: This is somewhat incorrect; You CAN "Destroy" the Type G: Rols. This makes them stop moving and attacking with their AA guns, but you still need to avoid the bulk of the craft itself.)

Ismail Captain: Argh! Trying to knock 'em down with bullets! Waste of time! Call for reinforcements! Tell them we have a visitor!

Ismail Operator: Yes sir!

[Upon approaching the second formation of Type-Gs]

Kronstadt Operator: Communication from Ismail... Instructions to crush the visitor.

Kronstadt Captain: Hm. Shift from formation C to formation E.

Kronstadt Operator: Formation complete. Now in E formation.

Kronstadt Captain: Hold formation until we get them on radar.

[Once Viper gets closer to the crafts]

Kronstadt Operator: Radar signal! Count: 2!

Kronstadt Captain: Okay, all units advance slowly. We will crush them!

Kronstadt Operator: Sir!

[Once Viper has broken through]

Uril Operator: Something on radar! Looks like the enemy reported by Ismail.

Uril Captain: What? They've got this far? What's Kronstadt been doing?!

Uril Operator: Closing in on radar!

Uril Captain: Damn! No time to switch formation... All units as you are!

Uril Operator: Continuing advance. Check.

[Once Viper has broken through]

Riga Operator: The enemy is still alive and kicking.

Riga Captain: Hmph. These pilots are good.

Riga Operator: They must have broken through the Ismail, Uril and Kronstadt units.

Riga Captain: But it will end here! All craft to slow advance. Don't let them pass!

[Once Viper gets closer]

Riga Operator: Enemy is incoming!

Riga Captain: All units, open fire! Don't let them through!

[Once Viper breaks through]

Riga Operator: The enemy has got through.

Riga Captain: What...? They must be some pilots!

Riga Operator: Yes...

Riga Captain: Only a handful of pilots in our army can fly like that...

Riga Operator: The reinforcements can handle it now. We've done all we can.

Riga Captain: Right. Contact them now.

Riga Operator: Yes, sir!

Gavriil Operator: Communication from Riga. They have been breached.

Gavriil Captain: What?! How!

Gavriil Operator: They must have let the enemy through...

Gavriil Captain: Quiet! Just do whatever it takes! Bring them down!

Gavriil Operator: Y-yes, sir! Regroup in formation B...

[Once Viper breaks through]

Gavriil Operator: They...they've broken through!

Gavriil Captain: What happened to the air force?! Where the hell are they?!

Gavriil Operator: S-sir, there aren't many pilots in our army who can get past us...

Gavriil Captain: Hmph! They're a useless bunch of slobs!

[Once the end of the canyon, and the giant Rol-F has been reached]

Amelia: There's a barrier ahead. A gate. Destroy it as you approach.

Ruth: (If playing as Ken) Crow! All guns on the gate units!

Ken: (If playing as Ruth) I'm on it, Lilly...

[Once gate is open]

Amelia: Gate opening confirmed.

Ruth: (If playing as Ken) Mission accomplished. Heading for home plate.

Ken: (If playing as Ruth) Operation complete... RTB.

[mission ends]


[in hallway]

Ruth: [angry] Lieutenant Thomas!

Ken: What is it, Ruth?

Ruth: I wish to ask a question, why the insistence on the utter destruction of the enemy forces?

Ken: ...

Ruth: In every operation you've been on your goal has been total annihilation. Just like today, with that battleship.

Ken: It's only natural.

Ruth: We have no data on the enemy; we're fighting the unknown! It's suicide to go all-out against these forces.

Ken: The only way to destroy them is to fight.

Ruth: You seem more focused on their destruction than you do on victory in the war.

Ken: If they are destroyed, it will mean victory in the war. I don't see a problem.

Ruth: If we fight a total war, we will create an endless cycle of vengeance. The war won't end until everything has been destroyed!

Ken: So be it.

Ruth: Lieutenant!

Ken: [angry] I've lost everything. There is nothing I can do but fight. I will do whatever it takes to wipe them out. [calms down] And that means anything.

Ruth: [troubled] But, Lieutenant...Why?

Ken: It's none of your business. I'll be resting in my room.

David: [offscreen] Just one second.

Ruth: That voice! [David appears and is angry] Lieutenant Smith! Are you all right?

David: [calms down, smiles, and winks] I'm not going down this easily. They don't call me Tough Guy for nothing. Ken, was it?

Ken: What is it, David?

David: [angry] You seem to be pretty smug, so I thought I'd share some friendly advice with you: don't you dare underestimate me!

Ken: No one here is underestimating you.

David: I had a little mishap and crashed today, but you just wait and see on the next mission! You'll find out why I'm the 1st Element Leader!

Ken: Except I couldn't care less. [leaves]

David: Damn you, you son of a...! ...Oh, and Ruth...

Ruth: Y-yes, what is it, Lieutenant?

David: [sadly] I sympathize with you for having to put up with someone like that so soon after assuming duties.

Ruth: [sadly] ...Thank you...

David: [calms down, smiles, and winks] If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask. I'm sure I can be of help.

Ruth: Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

David: Well then, I must leave for a meeting. Please excuse me. [leaves]

Ruth: [turns neutral] Just what did he want? And... And what was Lieutenant Thomas saying about having lost everything? What on Earth could have happened to him?

[debriefing ends]

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