Team Bravo is an Intercept mission prior to Force Scout for Ken Thomas and Ruth Valentine in Airforce Delta Strike.


On the way to the Haben Ravine, Delta and Bravo squadron are intercepted by a large group of Ganos Flight Army Division scouts. The five planes do battle against the eight squadron formation, managing to shoot them all down before proceeding to the Haben Ravine.

Basic Walkthrough

One of the more crowded Intercept missions, this mission pits you against eight aircraft. However, you've got four allies with you, so it's not too bad. This will just waste some of your ammo, and possibly health (Which is honestly meaningless considering the nature of Force Scout). Just shoot the enemies down at your leisure, or just kick back and let your allies do it.


Air Force Delta Strike Replay-Team Bravo

Air Force Delta Strike Replay-Team Bravo