This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission Fleet Attack and its intercept in Airforce Delta Strike.


Robert: I see you're all here. Lilia? Tell us what's going on.

Lilia: Yes, sir. One of our agents reports enemy ships congregating at Port Erythrae. I'll get approval later, but right now, these are my orders. 2nd Element will scramble immediately. Attack the hostile ships gathering at Port Erythrae.

Brian: [angry] Gathering?! So they must be planning an attack somewhere!

Pedro: That's obvious. You need to calm down, Brian.

Lilia: Say they were planning another sneak attack. You think they'd just sit around waiting for someone to show up?

Holst: But all other friendlies in the area are busy resupplying. I don't think we can plan a campaign right now...

Lilia: [smiles] That's why Delta's going in alone, of course.

Pedro: What? Just us?

Lilia: That's right. I calculate that it will take at least six minutes for the enemy to get ready for a counterattack. All you have to do is take out their ships before then.

Brian: You've got to be kidding! Our three jets can't do a thing in six minutes! We won't even be able to put a dent in them!

Pedro: [angry] Brian!

Lilia: [frowns] I don't really care what you think. You're a soldier, dammit, and soldiers fight to live and live to fight.

Holst: She's right. Let's go, Brian.

Brian: [calms down] ...Roger.

Lilia: A word of warning... If their interceptors get in the air, it's all over. So get in and out before the six minutes are up, okay?

Pedro: [calms down] Roger.

Robert: Now get to Port Erythrae and blow their fleet out of the water. Whatever you do, don't let them counterattack.

Lilia: Dismissed!

[briefing ends]

The Newbie

Amelia: Radar signal ahead. A destroyer and a battleship!

Pedro: Even a major can read it wrong sometimes!

Amelia: Reports do not indicate marine vessels here at this time, but...

Pedro: They're right here! Continue as fragged, or divert?

Amelia: Nomad to all units. A little mid-mission bonus! Eliminate all marine vessels and continue with mission. All units disperse and move to engage.

Pedro: A high power, concentrated attack! Just the way I like them! Magician us moving to engage.

Amelia: The vessels have strong air defense capability. Avoid direct approach.

Operator: R-radar signal! Count: 3!

Captain: What?! What are they?

Operator: I-I don't know. But they are on a course for Port Erythrae!

Captain: They won't get there! All vessels, intercept! Don't let any get away!

Pedro: (if playing as Holst) Sprog! True to your name!

Brian: (if playing as Holst) So what am I doing wrong?

Pedro: (if playing as Holst) I'll give you one piece of advice.

Brian: (if playing as Holst) What?

Pedro: (if playing as Holst) Don't get under Duke's feet! If you get in Duke's way, I'll open fire.

Brian: (if playing as Holst) O-on who?

Pedro: (if playing as Holst) On you, Sprog!

Brian: (if playing as Holst) Whaaat?!

Holst: (if playing as Brian) Magician, pretty dull, huh?!

Pedro: (if playing as Brian) My job's to stick it to you, Lead!

Holst: (if playing as Brian) Yeah, well don't overdo it!

Pedro: (if playing as Brian) No way! Only got to watch me fly to know you can count on me!

Holst: (if playing as Brian) I copy you, Magician!

Pedro: (if playing as Brian) Good to be back with you. (if Brian is being played as, Pedro will say the following line after all four ships are destroyed) Ha ha ha, Sprog! Keep trying!

[intercept mission ends]


Amelia: Nomad to all Cobra units. Recon reports show the enemy can respond within a 360 countdown. Take out what you can in that time. The timer is on your HUDs. It starts at 360; you have 6 minutes. 3... 2... 1... Mission is go!

Beloe: Damn! It's an enemy raid! Fleets 1 to 3, get into dock as fast as possible! Fleets 4 to 5, prepare for anti-aircraft attack. Barrage formation! Fleets 1 to 3, follow as soon as you are in dock! Deploy anti-aircraft strike time! Double time!

[if Holst is being played as, the following four lines will be said]

Brian: Sprog, engaging! I can do it, god dammit! I'm a pilot! Well there's only one way to learn! I'm no sprog anymore! I'm a full-fledged pilot now! I'm not gonna sit around waiting for that!

Pedro: A pilot with no self-control is a dead pilot!

Brian: We control ourselves much more and they'll tear through our lines!

Pedro: Sprog, cool down, okay!

[if Brian is being played as, the following four lines will be said]

Holst: Sprog, you're too far out front! It's your first fight, Sprog! Don't go too far out front! Roll in behind me to engage. Sprog, you've got a lot to learn! Don't ever forget that! Magician, you'll take Sprog in trail.

Pedro: Roger!

Holst: Sprog, you're an easy mark just cruising like that! You're still young. You'll get your chance!

Pedro: A pilot with no self-control is a dead pilot! Sprog, cool down, okay!

Giuseppe: Holy...! Bandits! Damn! I need to buy some time until we're ready to intercept!

[when the countdown timer has 5 minutes left on it, the following two lines are said]

Amelia: 300 remaining. 5 minutes.

Beloe: This is not a drill! Move your butt!

Beloe: (if the player attacks a ship from the right) Enemy on the starboard side! Fire!

Beloe: (if the player attacks a ship from the left) Enemy on the port side! Fire!

[if the player destroys any ships other than the distinctive Type-E0: Holder which is codenamed "Titania", the following forty lines may potentially be said]

Beloe: Bianca has been hit!

Beloe: Bianca is out of contact!

Beloe: Calypso has been hit!

Beloe: Calypso is on fire!

Beloe: Calypso is out of contact!

Beloe: Cressida is on fire!

Beloe: Cressida is out of contact!

Beloe: Desdemona is out of contact!

Beloe: Desdemona's been hit!

Beloe: Dione has been hit!

Beloe: Dione is on fire!

Beloe: Dione is out of contact!

Beloe: Fire on Desdemona!

Beloe: Fire on Portia!

Beloe: Helene is on fire!

Beloe: Helene is out of contact!

Beloe: Hit on Helene!

Beloe: Hit on Rhea!

Beloe: Hyperion has been hit!

Beloe: Hyperion's on fire!

Beloe: Hyperion's out of contact!

Beloe: Iapetus has been hit!

Beloe: Iapetus is on fire!

Beloe: Iapetus is out of contact!

Beloe: Nereide has been hit!

Beloe: Nereide is on fire!

Beloe: Nereide is out of contact!

Beloe: Phoebe has been hit!

Beloe: Phoebe is on fire!

Beloe: Phoebe is out of contact!

Beloe: Portia has been hit!

Beloe: Portia is out of contact!

Beloe: Proteus has been hit!

Beloe: Proteus is on fire!

Beloe: Proteus is out of contact!

Beloe: Rhea is on fire!

Beloe: Rhea is out of contact!

Beloe: Triton has been hit!

Beloe: Triton is on fire!

Beloe: Triton is out of contact!

[if the player destroys the Type-E0: Holder, one of the following three lines will potentially be said]

Beloe: Fire on board Titania!

Beloe: Titania has been hit!

Beloe: Titania is out of contact!

[when the countdown timer has 4 minutes left on it, the following two lines are said]

Beloe: How did they get this close?!

Amelia: 240 remaining. 4 minutes.

Giuseppe: (if shot down) Wh-why do I have to get beaten here! Damn you, old man! I swear I'll get you for this!! Grrr! Punching out!!

[when the countdown timer has 3 minutes left on it, the following three (or two if Giuseppe is shot down) lines are said]

Beloe: Where the hell's our air defense?!

Giuseppe: (if not shot down at this point) G-getting a little rough, is it? Just hold out a little longer! The rest is up to you! I'll go guard a different direction! [flees the battlefield]

Amelia: 180 remaining. 3 minutes.

Amelia: (when the countdown timer has 2 minutes left on it) 120 remaining. 2 minutes.

Amelia: (when the countdown timer has 1 minute left on it) 60 remaining. 1 minute.

Beloe: (when the countdown timer has 15 seconds left on it) What? You're not ready yet?! Just a second! Almost there...

Amelia: (when the countdown timer has no time left on it or after the player has destroyed all the ships) Continuing this op is pointless. All units, return to base.

[mission ends]


[at runway]

Brian: [delightfully] Ha ha ha! Man, that was great! Did you see how--

Pedro: Brian, calm down, will you!

Brian: But we just sank enemy ships! And not just any ol' transports, either! Battleships! It was so awesome!

Pedro: [angry] Brian!

Holst: ...Pedro! That's enough.

Pedro: [nervous] Oh! Hey, Lead...

Holst: Brian.

Brian: Yes, sir?

Holst: I agree today was a success. We sank enemy ships, and we made it back alive. It's natural to be excited about that.

Brian: You said it!

Holst: [smiles] But you can't just forget everything and go wild. You've got to sit down and reflect, review everything that happened.

Brian: Reflect? On what?

Pedro: [angry] Like, how you were zipping around out there not giving a damn thought to the rest of your element?!

Holst: [frowns] All right, Pedro!

Pedro: But you're too easy on him, Lead! He could've gotten us all killed today! He still doesn't even have the basics down!

Brian: [frowns] Excuse me? I know what I'm doing!

Pedro: Then what the hell was that today?!

Brian: [angry] I was using my best judgment and taking action I thought met the situation! It worked, didn't it?!

Pedro: Judgment? What the hell kind of judgment did you use?

Holst: [angry] Knock it off, both of you!

Brian: [turns neutral] !

Pedro: [turns neutral] Yes, sir!

Holst: [calms down] Brian, don't let yourself get cocky. It's okay to be pleased, but don't let it go to your head. That could get you killed.

Brian: ...

Holst: And, Pedro, we were greenhorns once ourselves. Try to remember what that was like when you deal with Brian. Got that?

Pedro: [troubled] But--

Holst: Have you got that?

Pedro: Yes, sir.

Holst: All right. You can go now. Don't worry about writing up the report. I'll do that.

Pedro: Yes, sir!

Brian: ...Sir.

Holst: [exasperated] Pedro and Brian! What am I going to do with those two...?

[debriefing ends]

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