"Counter attack" The Newbie is an Intercept mission for 2nd Element in Airforce Delta Strike that plays prior to Fleet Attack. Like all other Intercept missions, this mission cannot be replayed in Free Mission mode.


On route to Port Erythrae, 2nd Element encounters a small element of vessels already out to sea. After pondering whether to continue as fragged or divert, it is decided that the group of vessels would be a "mid-mission bonus", and they destroy all four of the vessels. They then proceed with the mission.


Like other early-game intercepts, this is relatively easy. There are only four vessels to destroy; although, you should be careful as they can fire missiles at you. Regardless, if you're playing as either character, their plane is more than enough to deal with the group of vessels, though unless you're on NG+, you won't have any special weapons. Still, it's not that bad.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Kirov 1 D 11,000
Sovremenny 3 D 12,000


The reward for this mission is 20,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on how the enemies were taken out. Progression to Fleet Attack is also unlocked.


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  • This is the only intercept to take place on a map tile that has a different designation than the mission it plays before (PC-14 as opposed to OB-24).
  • Like the mission location itself, on the map, the name of the harbor is mispelled as "Erythraei" as opposed to "Erythrae".
  • The area used for this mission is also used for some Stand by missions, all of which feature an O.C.C. ace or two.


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