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"Counter attack" Fleet Attack is a mission for Delta Squadron 2nd Element in Airforce Delta Strike.


O.C.C. ships are congregating at Port Erythrae, clearly planning a counter offensive. Acting quickly, Delta is ordered to fly in and deal as much damage to the fleet as they can within six minutes, before they have a chance to counter attack. Some are incredulous, but their complaints are deftly ignored, and they are sent out regardless.

After dealing with a small "bonus", they arrive at the fleet and deal as much damage to it as they can before six minutes are up. They then return to base. Brian celebrates their victory, but Pedro grows exasperated at this. However, Holst then arrives, telling Brian that while it's good to celebrate their victories, they must reflect on the mission. Brian is confused, but Pedro quickly and angrily tells him how he ignored the rest of his element and flew off on his own, wherein Brian grows indignant and responds how he had used his judgement and flew accordingly. Pedro is quick to start arguing with him, but Holst quickly defuses the conflict. He tells Brian that they shouldn't get cocky over one victory, and Pedro that he should remember that they were both greenhorns once. The two leave, and Holst exasperatedly ponders just what he is going do with them.


The only strict "score attack" mission in the game, ignoring the STAND-BY missions. This is a relatively simple mission; you have six minutes, there are dozens of targets, go hog wild. At first, the enemy fleet will not fire missiles at you, but after a certain amount of time they will. In addition, there are planes, but they're fairly weak planes, with Giuseppe in command. Giuseppe flees after three minutes.

In addition, there is a "secret" enemy; a Type-E0: Holder, codenamed Titania. It can be fairly difficult to spot in the confusion; it is out at sea, and slowly moves towards the giant structure in the center of the port, wherein it will disappear. It's not necessary to destroy it; to destroy it, you must target the large round dome underneath of it. A bit of an appetizer for future missions.

Regardless, once the six minutes are up, you will complete the mission.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number HP Score
Type-E0: Holder 1 D 40,000
Kirov 4 D 11,000
Sovremenny 30 D 12,000
TK.208 34 D 10,000
Su-39 "Frogfoot" 1 C 22,000
Su-24M "Fencer D" 1 D 15,000
Yak-38 "Forger A" 1 D 16,000
Giuseppe* 1 D 22,000


The reward for this mission is 10,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on how the enemies were taken out. If this mission was completed as Brian, the A-6E Intruder is unlocked for purchase for 180,000 credits. If Roller Games and Iceberg are also completed, operation code T8 is also unlocked in Phase 9.


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  • This is the only normal mission in the game where the time limit must be exceeded to complete it.
  • This is the only normal mission where no targets need to be destroyed for the mission to succeed.


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