Flames from the Sky is the (discounting Chase and Assassin at Mach which are both optional) third and final mission for Chairon Airbase in Airforce Delta Storm and the last mission of the Alexxy Peninsula story arc.


This mission can be difficult and annoying since it requires you to fly at very high altitudes to destroy falling missiles before they hit the city below. The air at high altitudes is very thin, so your plane will tend to spontaneously go back down to Earth and it will fly slower and not handle as well as normal. There are three areas of the city marked as Blocks A, B, and C and each of them are being approached by four missiles. Each missile takes three of your own missiles to destroy. While you're destroying the missiles approaching Blocks A and B, you'll be notified that a group of missiles is approaching the next Block, but don't worry about those quite yet since they fall to Earth slowly and instead focus on the missiles approaching their respective Blocks. Also watch out for the two pairs of planes in different places on the map. You fail the mission if any missiles hit the city, but complete it when you destroy all the missiles.

Mission Objectives

  • Destroy all missiles before they hit the city.


The reward for this mission is 80,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies taken out and, in the case of the planes, how they were taken out. The Alexxy Peninsula story arc is completed and you move on to the second phase of the game which takes place on Elesia and you immediately are at Daeira Airbase with its first mission Waves of Struggle on Palaks Bay unlocked. No planes are unlocked by completing this mission.

Mission Dialogue


As you know, we failed to prevent the takeoff of the orbital shuttle in D-Sector. As a result, the United Forces have succeeded in placing their satellite in orbit. Interrogation of United Forces soldiers has revealed that the target of the attack satellite on board the shuttle is Aragon City. Soon the satellite's missiles will be launched. You must intercept the missiles and destroy them.

Mission Map

Delta Leader: Our mission is to intercept and destroy the enemy missiles fired from the satellite. If we fail, it's all over!


[pre-mission cutscene]

Delta Leader: Delta Leader to all fighters. Intercept missile immediately. I repeat, intercept missile.

[pre-mission cutscene ends]


Delta 2?: (When missiles appear above Block A after approximately 5 seconds into the mission) Group of missiles approaching Block A! (When missiles appear above Block B after approximately 2 minutes and 1 second into the mission) Group of missiles approaching Block B! (When missiles appear above Block C after approximately 3 minutes and 38 seconds into the mission) Group of missiles approaching Block C! (When any group of missiles gets close enough to the city) Missiles have breached defensive Line! Evacuate!!

[mission is failed once missiles hit the city and a cutscene of the city being destroyed is shown]

[mission is completed once all missiles are destroyed]

[post-mission cutscene]

Bravo 2: This is Bravo 2 to Control. No sign of enemy in Area 0542. Patrol mission accomplished, coming home.

Narrator: Three months later... Elesia, March, 20X7. The United Forces were counting on their trump card, an attack from the orbiting platform, but it did not succeed. The military capabilities of the United Forces on the Alexxy Peninsula were reduced by about 46%. The United Forces consolidated, and the Allied Forces were able to expand their region of power. The United Forces used this momentum to move on to Elesia. If the United Forces managed to deprive their enemy of this territory, it would mean they were fully on the attack....

[post-mission cutscene ends]

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number Score
Missile 12 10,000
Su-27 Flanker 2 22,000
Eurofighter 2000 2 23,000


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Airforce Delta Storm - Mission 14 Flames in the Sky (Chairon Airbase)

Airforce Delta Storm - Mission 14 Flames in the Sky (Chairon Airbase)

Flames from the Sky begins at 5:18.


  • Meteor Structure from Airforce Delta Strike has similarities to this mission as both missions require the player to fly at high altitudes to destroy large, falling objects before they reach Earth.


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