"This is shaped as fish as camouflage, but it is a drop-type bomb. You can kill oblivious enemies with one shot."
Harry's description of this weapon in the shop.

The Fish Bomb is a unique special weapon in Airforce Delta Strike which can only be used by the Penta. It is a reskinned Unguided Bomb. Upon selecting the weapon, a pip will appear on the ground, indicating an estimate of where the bomb will land.


This weapon performs identically to the Unguided Bomb, having the same splash radius and damage as said weapon. The only appreciable difference is, outside of the model, the number of ammo. The Penta has 150 of these bombs, which allows it to deal heavy damage to ground enemies. However, it has the same issues as the UGB in that it can only be used (reliably) against ground enemies.


  • Great at anti ground operations
  • Splash damage can damage and destroy multiple enemies
  • Deals heavy damage to ground targets
  • X3 cash bonus can get you large amounts of money
  • Large number of shots, 150


  • No guiding; weapon can be hard to aim
  • Impossible to use on air targets, unless you practically fly into them to release the bomb on top of them


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