Final Mission is the first half of the two-part ending mission in Airforce Delta Storm.


This mission can be difficult since there are numerous missile pods you must destroy and in the NTSC version, they launch three missiles at you and getting hit by any of their missiles takes away 500 hit points. It is recommended to attack the missile pods from below instead of above or at the same level as the part of them you can destroy because it makes the missiles easier to dodge. In the PAL version, the missile pods fire lasers at you instead of missiles and the lasers usually miss. You also have to destroy half as many in that version as you do in the NTSC version. You also have to destroy a tower on top of the control center and there are numerous bullet-firing enemies surrounding it so be careful. In the PAL version, there is an oil tank and four gun pods you must destroy whereas in the NTSC version, destroying them is optional. There are numerous ships in the water but you don't have to destroy any of them in either version of the game and they're fairly easy to avoid for the most part. There are ten planes in the air and you must shoot down four of them. The mission is completed once all targets are destroyed/shot down.

Mission Objectives

  • Destroy/Shoot down all targets.


Unlike all other missions in the game, excluding Parting Shots, no credits can be earned from this one. However, Parting Shots is immediately started after completing this mission.

Mission Dialogue

Briefing (PAL version only)

With the self-defense facility destroyed, we can now attack the Tyrant's control facility. We've tried bombing several times, but we've been unable to reach the central systems located deep underground. We need to penetrate their powerful outer walls. Somehow you have to find an entry point and attack the central systems. As long as they remain functional, the Tyrant can attack. You're all that remain[sic] of our force, so this is probably our last battle. According to HQ, the possibility of even one fighter returning safely is 0.02% wish you luck.[sic] Over and out.

Mission Map

Delta Leader: (When mission is selected on the map) This is our last mission. We have to find a way into "Tyrant"'s core and destroy its control center. May luck be with us.


[pre-mission cutscene]

Delta 2: 9750 to destination.

Delta Leader: Fighters, your first targets are the base anti-aircraft weapons. After you take these out, break past the defenses.

[pre-mission cutscene ends with the camera slowly zooming in on the control center]

[no dialogue during mission]

[post-mission cutscene]

Delta Leader: All fighters, report!

Last Beta squadron Pilot: I'm all that's left of Beta squadron. Gamma squadron was totally destroyed.

Delta Leader: This is all that's left.... All fighters, proceed to interior. We're going in!

[post-mission cutscene ends with a freeze-frame of the remaining four planes entering the control center after destroying the closed gate with missiles]

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number Score
XF-0001 Mercury 2 -
XF-23CR Blackhollow 2 -
Missile Pod 12/6 -
Gun Pod 4 -
Fuel Tank 1 -
Tower 1 -
XF-27 Pleiadus 2 -
F-25C Warbler 2 -
StN-006 Hermit 2 -
Missile Pod 6 -
Gun Pod 12/8 -
Hunter Unit 16 -
DDG Sovremenny 4 -
BCGN Kirov 4 -
ASE 2 -
DDG Kongo 4 -
Fuel Tank 6/5 -
Vulcan Pod 8 -


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