Federation Fleet Obstruction is the second mission in Airforce Delta. It involves destroying naval targets, with a noticeably stricter time limit compared to the last mission. It introduces naval enemies, which will appear sporadically in the game.


We have intelligence of an impending rendezvous in the Despard Islands area of major enemy battleships dispersed in different regions.

Its success means the mobilization of a powerful fleet.

Your mission is to strike the enemy battleships before the rendezvous.

The defensive capabilities of an individual battleship are limited, but once a fleet has been assembled, our hands will be tied.

Prevent this at all costs.


A noticeable jump up in difficulty compared to the last level. Naval targets have both Anti-Air guns (AA Guns) and Surface-to-Air Missiles (SAMs), making them fairly adept at shooting you down if you're not careful. There are also many more fighters in this level compared to the previous one (Be cautious around the Su-34 and Rafales in particular).

An important thing to note is, if you destroy the bridge of a naval target, it will immediately destroy it, along with the AA Guns and SAMs on board. There's basically no point to destroying the guns and SAMs - Although they do add to your score, the amount given is pitiful compared to how difficult it is to destroy all the guns as opposed to just destroying the ship and being done with it period.

The Time Limit is also stricter in this level; you have seven minutes to complete it. This isn't a common occurrence, but still, you should be cautious either way.

Enemy List

Enemy Unit Number Score
Destroyer 3 12,000
Carrier 3 22,000
Sea Harrier 1 36,000
F/A-18C Hornet 1 42,000
Su-34 Platypus 1 45,000
F-14D Tomcat 2 46,000
Rafale 2 45,000
Destroyer 2 12,000
Gun Pod 8 6,000
MSSL Pod 3 6,000

Gallery (Enemy/NPCs)

Video (Walkthrough/Soundtrack)

Airforce Delta - Mission 02 Federation Fleet Obstruction

Airforce Delta - Mission 02 Federation Fleet Obstruction

Airforce Delta Deadly Skies Soundtrack 02

Airforce Delta Deadly Skies Soundtrack 02


  • This is one of two missions in the original Airforce Delta with a time limit that isn't ten minutes (The other being Satellite Intercept Mission); This level has a seven minute time limit.
  • With the exception of the Su-34, all of the enemy aircraft in this level are carrier-capable.
  • In the manual, the location of this mission is, instead, given the name "Deceper Islands".


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