This page depicts all scripted dialogue in the mission Far Behind in Airforce Delta Strike.


Atlas: Atlas to all units. Radar signal. New arrivals! Count: 2.

Ganos: Huh, is it backup? Atlas, status on these guys?

Atlas: Checking now... Suspect numbers 1 and 3 are enemy support.

Ganos: More Delta? One of them is enough, but two more...!

Atlas: There are only three of them. Finish them and return to base!

Ganos: Copy.

Ruth: (if playing as Ken) Wolf, what's your status?

John: (if playing as Ken) ...What are you doing here?

Ruth: (if playing as Ken) Think I'm gonna let you engage without backup? It's suicide! Let's send these bandits down and get this element home! Wolf, approach low. Crow, approach high and engage! Copy? Let's roll!

John: (if playing as Ken) Damn...!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth) Just came to say hello, Wolf.

Ken: (if playing as Ruth) What are you here for?

Ken: (if playing as Ruth) Don't want to lose any combat assets, that's all.

John: (if playing as Ruth) Well, better watch your own backs then, huh.

Ken: (if playing as Ruth) Lilly, requesting backup from above. I'll approach low. Wolf, you play it by ear.

John: (if playing as Ruth) That's the only way I play it.

Francine: Ooh! Backup?!

Jake: Looks like it.

Francine: Oh! Who could I ask for a bit of airborne competition?

Jake: ...Miss, what about your usual adversary?

Francine: Butler! I'm not miss!

Jake: Sorry! ...Celestial.

Francine: Okay. Just try to remember! Pilots, I'm Celestial. It's good to meet you all. Any one wanna try your luck? No second chances!

[after approximately 1 minute and 23 seconds into the mission, the following five lines are said]

Francine: Butler! You gonna cook me something tonight?

Jake: ...Roger. I'll sort something out.

Francine: Maybe a nice salmon meunier[sic]...

Jake: Copy. Salmon meunier[sic], it is.

Francine: Army food's pretty poor. I want something tasty...

[after approximately 1 minute and 44 seconds into the mission, the following four lines are said]

Francine: This is great! I just love fighting these guys!

Jake: What's up, Celestial?

Francine: Butler, I want you behind me. I feel safer that way.

Jake: Roger. Stay alert.

[after approximately two minutes and 1 second into the mission, the following twelve lines are said]

Francine: They're all such great pilots!

John: All of us...?

Francine: Yeah.

John: ...Well, meet number one! Top gun!

Francine: Oh, is that right?

John: You make for interesting prey.

Francine: Oh? And why is that?

John: I've never met a jockey who loved combat so much.

Francine: Ha! It's just a game! Cat and mouse! You've got to enjoy yourself!

John: ...That's how you see it?

Francine: That's how it is.

John: Yes, you are interesting prey.

[after approximately 2 minutes and 47 seconds into the mission, the following four lines are said]

Jake: You aren't appropriate for Celestial. And anything inappropriate must go!

John: What are you howling about, Meat?

Jake: You're a foul creature, you are. For my lady's honor, I'll put you in your place!

John: Sounds like fun... Well then, Meat, bring it on!

[after approximately 3 minutes and 14 seconds into the mission, the following six lines are said]

Francine: Butler!

Jake: ...Yes, miss?

Francine: I'm interested in those fellows.

Jake: Copy. I'll do some recon on them.

Francine: Great! All of them, okay?

Jake: Roger, miss. Will do.

Francine: (if shot down first) That's all I've got! Time to eject! Butler, up to you now!

Jake: (if Francine is shot down first) Miss! Take care!

Francine: (if shot down first) Don't panic! Just get on with the job!

Jake: (if Francine is shot down first) Roger! (if shot down after Francine) ...They've got me! Ejecting! (if shot down before Francine) Sorry! Gotta bail!

Francine: (if Jake is shot down first) Oooh! Butler, nice job! (if shot down after Jake) This game's gone a bit too far... Gotta punch out... Let's do it again sometime!

[after approximately five minutes into the mission or after Francine and/or Jake is/are shot down, the remaining planes will withdraw and the following lines will be said]

Ruth: (if playing as Ken) Wolf! What's your fuel status?

John: (if playing as Ken) Still going strong!

Ruth: (if playing as Ken) Don't jerk around! You've gotta be near bingo!

John: (if playing as Ken) ...Roger.

Ruth: (if playing as Ken) Okay, let's split. Wolf, Crow! Lead the way!

Ken (if playing as Ruth) Lilly, we're approaching bingo fuel! We're sitting ducks like this.

John: (if playing as Ruth) Jeez. Thanks for the lame backup!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth) Wolf, you must be just about out, too. Let's withdraw.

John: (if playing as Ruth) ...Just this once. This is the only time I'm gonna take your advice.

Francine: (if neither she nor Jake are shot down by this point) I kinda wanted to play some more, but...time to head back.

Jake: (if neither he nor Francine are shot down by this point) You go ahead, miss! I'll roll in behind! [flees the battlefield]

Francine: (if neither she nor Jake are shot down by this point) Copy. Thanks. [flees the battlefield]

Ruth: (if playing as Ken and not leaving the mission zone in the PAL version after this point) Crow! What are you doing?! Get out of this airspace fast!

Ken: (if playing as Ruth and not leaving the mission zone in the PAL version after this point) Lilly, what are you doing?! Time to bug out!

Ruth: (if playing as Ken and leaving the mission zone after this point in the PAL version) Confirming Wolf leaving airspace. Heading home.

Ken: (if playing as Ruth and leaving the mission zone after this point in the PAL version) Confirming Wolf is leaving airspace. Heading back.

[mission ends]


[in hallway]

Ruth: [angry] Lieutenant Rundal!

John: [smiles] ...What?

Ruth: You left the mission zone and went off fighting on your own! You disobeyed orders!

John: [laughs] I was just taking care of the reinforcements that were trying to intercept us, that's all.

Ruth: [distraught] That's all you have to say?!

John: [smiles] Lucky for you I'm in a good mood, Lilly.

Ruth: [angry] What?!

John: Usually I'd be pretty ripped. But seeing as I found a pretty interesting prey today, I'll let it go.

Ruth: But Lieutenant Rundal--!

Lilia: [offscreen] What do you two think you're doing?!

Ruth: [calms down] Lilia... [Lilia then appears onscreen]

Lilia: I didn't expect you two to be best friends right off the bat, but I didn't think you'd be fighting in the halls like this!

Ruth: [angry] But...., he--!

Lilia: I've got something to say before you get into all that.

Ruth: [calms down] What is it?

Lilia: I won't let you press charges on Lieutenant Rundal on this. The Commander agrees, so this is an official order.

Ruth: [angry] What?!

Lilia: He just explained his reasons, and it worked out in the end. We can't afford to lose people over stupid things like this.

Ruth: Stupid things?!

Lilia: That's right. Stupid. With the war going the way it is, we won't be getting any more replacements in a hurry, you know. [angry] What if we're destroyed while Lieutenant Rundal is sitting in lockup? Do you want to be responsible for something like that?

Ruth: [distraught] Of course not...

Lilia: [calms down] Delta works under a reward system. So that's why we get sent to all the roughest places. Please try to understand this.

Ruth: But--! [leaves with disbelief]

Lilia: And just try not to overdo it, okay, Lieutenant Rundal?

John: Tell it to the prey. ...But enough of all that. I've got something I want to ask you, Lilia.

Lilia: What is it?

John: [frowns] I came across an interesting prey today. I want you to tell me more about it.

Lilia: What kind of prey?

John: It was a woman. A pilot named "Butler" was calling her "miss". She has this interesting way of talking, of thinking...

Lilia: ...What am I supposed to do with a vague description like that? You've got to give me some details!

John: Yeah, right. I'll ask her her life story next time I'm shooting her down.

Lilia: You do that.

John: [smiles] Heh heh...Heh heh heh... [leaves]

Lilia: ...Wow. Looks like she really intrigued him. What happened out there, Lieutenant Thomas?

Ken: I don't really know. But I know one thing: I've never seen John like this before!

Lilia: Well, just as long as he does his job...

[debriefing ends]

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