"Operation Raccoon Hunt" Far Behind is a secret mission for Ken Thomas and Ruth Valentine in Airforce Delta Strike. The mission is essentially a derivative of John Rundal's mission Lone Wolf played from Ken and Ruth's point of view.


John Rundal headed to the area next to Delta Squadron to deal with the fighter squad there in an effort to improve his score while the rest of Delta made a detour through there to deal with the tornado generators. After that, Ken Thomas and Ruth Valentine head to where John is to help him fight the enemies and bail him out. The mission plays very similarly to Lone Wolf, featuring enemies that pilot Jian-Ji 8 "Finback A"s, Jian-Ji 8IIM "Finback B"s, Jian-Ji 7 MGs, Francine Davout, and Jake Emerson, both piloting MiG-31BM "Foxhounds". This mission is somewhat easier since there are allies from the start of the mission that assist the player and draw enemies away from them. Eventually, 3rd Element hits bingo fuel and everyone bugs out.

Mission Objectives

  • Shoot down enemies before being ordered to leave.


The reward for this mission is 30,000 credits plus a variable amount depending on the number of enemies shot down as well as how they were shot down.


Airforce Delta Strike - Phase 4 - Mission 36 "Operation Raccoon Hunt" Far Behind

Airforce Delta Strike - Phase 4 - Mission 36 "Operation Raccoon Hunt" Far Behind

Far Behind starts at 24:53.


  • This is the only mission in the game which cannot be played during the first time the player has started a new game since it requires Lone Wolf to be completed in a previous game and John Rundal's game completion medal to be earned.
  • The A-50 "Mainstay" that appears in Lone Wolf does not appear in this mission for unknown reasons.
  • The area used for this mission and Lone Wolf is also used for some Stand-by missions.
  • Like Lone Wolf, shooting down Francine Davout and/or Jake Emerson ends this mission sooner than normal.