The F/A-18S AiraCobra II is a fictional version of the Hornet series of planes that exclusively appears in Airforce Delta Storm. It can be purchased after locating the hidden Melaina Air Base.


Obviously, this aircraft looks quite similar to the other Hornet jets. It most closely resembles the F/A-18E Super Hornet. The biggest difference is the inclusion of the front canards on the craft.


An incredibly strong performer, this aircraft has huge defense along with impressive mobility. Although it can't compete with crafts like the MiG-1.44 MFI and XF-0002 Phosphorus, it still manages to be a strong performer. It can be unlocked fairly early on in the second chapter as well, thanks to it being in a hidden airbase. A very above average plane through and through.


Type Stats
Attack: Medium-high
Defense: Maximum (5800 HP)
Speed: Medium-high
Power: Very high
Mobility: Very high (!)
Missile: 73
Ability: No
Range: 4
  • (!) - Mobility stat is slightly higher in the PAL version, though still Very High.

Enemy Appearances (Missions)


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