The F-26A Shrike is yet another fictional plane that appears exclusively in Airforce Delta Storm. It is an aircraft with above average performance that appears late in the game, like many others.


Like the YF-26ER Swan, this aircraft seems to be derived from the X-36. The Shrike may be a prototype of the Swan in some department, considering their highly similar appearances and performance. The Shrike has much straighter wings than the Swan, and the engine is not located underneath of a protrusion. The vertical stabilizers also have a more traditional design and are slanted outwards. The plane bears a mild resemblance to the Jade Knight from the Gradius games.


This is a plane that exists. That's... Really all we can say about it. Compared to the Swan, the only stat this plane is superior in is speed, especially in the PAL version (Since the Swan was nerfed in that department in that version). Aside from that, everything is inferior compared to the Swan. It's just... Such an unremarkable plane. It's certainly not bad, but considering the Swan can be unlocked at around the same point... Why bother? Really? It's a little more expensive than this, but... Who cares? Only get this plane if you really just like how it looks. And it does look pretty cool.


Type Stats
Attack: Medium-high
Defense: Very high (5100 HP)
Speed: Very high
Power: Medium-high
Mobility: Medium-high (!)
Missile: 69
Ability: Stealth
Range: 5
  • (!) - Mobility stat is High in the PAL version.

Enemy Appearances (Missions)

  • An enemy Shrike only appears in Falling Down in the NTSC version. However, in the PAL version, they also appear in Fangs of the Sea. They are optional in both missions.


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