"Remove the tail wings, add delta wings and a greater payload to the F-15E and you get this fast, powerful test attack plane."
Harry's description of this plane in the shop.

The F-15U Plus is an airplane in the Airforce Delta series, appearing in Airforce Delta Strike. It was a devised variant of the F-15E Strike Eagle, but it never went past the design phase. It is usable by Holst Prendre and Pedro Glankert.


Aside from having delta wings in place of the tail wings and wing planform that suggests a modified cropped delta shape with a leading-edge sweepback angle of 45°, the F-15U looks mostly the same as a normal F-15. The tips of the delta wings are lightly canted downwards.


The F-15U, in comparison to Holst's other attack planes, is arguably his best. It has impressive mobility and speed for an attacker (Allowing it to be a "pseudo-dogfighter" if the situation calls for it, though low AA stats means it doesn't deal much damage to fighters), and its special weapon, though inaccurate, grants a large sum of money for destroying targets (It has the same x3 cash bonus as rockets). It also has vulcans, thus, those can be used for it as well. It is arguably Holst's best plane, and thus, unless you prefer using planes that use rockets instead of missiles for the raw money they provide by comparison, this should be your plane of choice once you unlock it.


(Clockwise starting from the top)

Type Stats
Anti Air Attack: Medium-low
Mobility: Very high
Defense: Very high (4400 HP)
Anti Ground Attack: High
Thrust: Maximum
Speed: High



  • Despite Harry mentioning an increased payload compared to the F-15E Strike Eagle, this aircraft shares the exact same number of armaments as the F-15E.
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